What should i've done next?

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    What should i've done next?

    Me and her were writing in the same book that was gonna be published in college. I met her once at a professor's office, we talked a bit, then she talked to another guy (also in the writer's club). So i finished my business with the prof. and left. A week later i came back to do some stuff with the prof. and found her there. It was me, her and the professor. The professor left to get something from down stairs so it was only she and I in the office. I was doing something on my laptop, so i talked to her a bit while doing it then i noticed that she got RED hair in the middle of her hair. I asked her about it, she said that somekind of a gipsy did it for her. I told her than i want to see it "sure". i got in close to create a sexual environment, and started playing with it and making random comments. She was happy with it i could tell. i touched her hair and talked by whispering in her ear. I said "you know it would have looked better if you put something like a shark's tooth or something dandling from it" and i laughed. She smiled and put her hand on my chest and pushed my away gently, then laughed and said "okay stay away from me." few seconds later she said goodbye and she's gonna come to see the prof. later.

    what should i've done to actually be able to get more results!?

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    escalate somewhere else, not in the professor's office

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    Maybe okay stay away from me Dident really mean stay away from me


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