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  1. Thank You for getting back to me. My main concern is to ask you about what you believe might be wrong with non-verbals and vibe? I believe my body language is good. I have had two wings watch me overnight and they say my interactions look like I am killing it.
    Also can you throw some light on verbal improvement.
    what do you think about four times rule?
    And I would not want to create an approaching rep in college, but then again as you said if I am a loner I have no rep already. Maintaining high status in social circle was always difficult cuz I would not have interesting things to say. And maybe you can only be interested till a certain point and then people want to know about you. Most of my life has been spent in isolation and inactivity. So I do not have much to say. Also past patterns always saw guys having fear, envy and jealousy with me and them turning into crabs. That is why I said I don't like to make friends with guys. Also now I am afraid of negative talks spreading about me that might be about some low value thing I did in an interaction with guys or about my lifestyle and life.

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    I think the four times rule is a very unhealthy concept for you, it will get you kicked out of places. It's for guys who are good are reading social cues. Don't approach the same girl repeatedly. Get into some social activities instead.

    No one can evaluate your vibe and body language without meeting you. If your wings think you're killing it, when you are clearly not, and you think that your body language is good, when you don't get laid, then they are not qualified to offer you advice and you are not qualified to self-correct. I suggest getting in touch with a coach.

    When you describe that you have spent most of your life in isolation, well, then I must say that the solution is to get out of isolation. You can't learn from cold approach if you have a basic lack of social intelligence and have an inability to read patterns and body language such as people frowning out of discomfort, girls tensing up, people wanting you to leave etc. Getting a feel for that kind of stuff, when you didn't learn it naturally growing up, is learned by attending social stuff. A lot. Like seriously a lot. Hundreds and hundreds of hours.

    So to conclude this, you can post some more field reports in the field report section, but more importantly, you should find some ways to get out of isolation. All time spent reading pickup, watching tv-shows, movies, manga or reading comics or self-help books, playing computer-games (including MMO or other social games) or anything else you do alone or from home, that time should be spent doing stuff with other people. Some ideas are volunteering, joining extra curricular activities, going out with your classmates, attending parties (then you can even do some approaches), joining a sport's club, taking evening classes and much more.

    If you get serious about this, you can make a journal about your efforts to get your social life back on track. But if you want people to respond, you gotta quit all the theories, hypothetical questions and game lingo.

    Best of luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MutantX View Post
    My parents are doctors. I believe if I had that shit they would have told me.
    There's plenty of legitimate reasons your parents would not have had you diagnosed. Your posts exhibit a lot of asperger symptoms.

    To your original question: it doesn't really matter who you lose your virginity to. You seem only concerned with social status, and you're going to get more social status from having sex with the average woman first and the hot woman later than vice-versa.

    At the moment it doesn't seem like you actually have any sexual offers so don't worry about decisions you don't actually have to make right now.

  4. You maybe right. I might have aspergers. When I was young, I had cancer. I lost a kidney and my parents never got me a new one. I told this to my friend once and he was ashamed about this fact. My parents never told me anything about me or anything. They even tried to keep away from this topic. But the scar was obvious.
    And Tank maybe you are right. I have had a set where I was unable to read cues. I tried to look what the girl code meant, but it never had any expressions. But in many cases, I could see girls wanting to avoid me and leave.

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    MutantX a lot of people don't "naturally" learn to read social cues. I am one of them. The good news is, if you study a little bit, you can teach yourself to be good at it.

    I realized this when I noticed men + women were "avoiding" me or otherwise reacting negatively. People are too polite to say to your face when they get a weird vibe so it's hard to learn organically.

    You should try to make friends with a "natural". You need someone who can give you blunt feedback.

    Trying to build "game" before you have established basic social skills is like trying to learn calculus when algebra still confuses you. Even though it's not an obvious connection, having a group of cool friends + being able to interact normally with strangers of any age/gender will, at this stage, push your success rate further and faster than studying advanced pickup tactics.

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    MutantX, 4 people now have pretty much had the same suspicion that you might have aspergers. I highly recommend that you go to a doctor and just find out if that's the case or not.

    Because if you do then that will also impact how you approach learning game, as aspergers people often have a harder time than most learning social cues. If it's something you're aware of then you can consciously work with that in mind but if not then it can be harder.
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  7. I feel like a victim on readimg all what you guys wrote. Its like I am not that cool guy anymore and the confidence and inner game was all fake. Please comment

  8. And yeah I approached that natural. I could see he was packing things to go away when I approached, but then I left. I had introduced false time constraint anyway. He had girls all over him later today and he most of the times is alone. When I was leaving, he shook my hand saying his name. Maybe that was a good sign. First he would have been like oh my god what does this guy want is he gonna sit here all day. I asked my school safety for doctors and they freaked out. I was able to read his cues. His face became plain. He thought I was going crazy. Tomorrow, I will go see if the clinic can check me up. I am at unease now. And even doing pickup with almost 300 approaches has made me mentally stronger than before. I used to be a victim before and would find guilty pleasure. But no more. But this is no excuse. Its going to be very hard, but it will be worth it.

  9. Also that natural did most of the talking himself eventhough he was packing up. Do you guys have any plans by which I can make friends with him if I get sticky? How do I give him good emotions?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Vox View Post
    I'll be perfectly honest with you dude, the fact you don't want to make friends with people is weird and you need to get over that.
    You can also forget about any kind of social circle game if you're not willing to make friends with people since that is quite a core tenant of social circle game.

    I think you should thoroughly explore why you don't want to make friends before you think about anything else.
    I do not like guys unless they are PUAs or naturals or someone that matches a certain value (which at this point doesn't exist as I do not like anything). I would only invest in such people. I do not cater to people anymore or take part in people pleasing or seek approval of anyone.
    Some people on a forum I used to visit earlier, also pointed out if I have aspergers. I have scheduled an appointment and it is on 31st March. We will see what happens.

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