Metro Detroit Macomb Oakland County Wing Wanted

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  1. Metro Detroit Macomb Oakland County Wing Wanted

    I posted an intro thread on these forums but I can't link it until I have 4 posts
    I'll edit this post later but for now the title reads something like Hi from south eastern Michigan

    For online dating my game is tight but cold approaching is something I've never really done when younger and once the online scene blew up with Tinder and Match I had no issues going on dates but I still think I can do better.

    I'm looking for someone or someone's in my area who not only want to sarge but also trade advice, work on methods & routines (If you read my intro you will see I'm big into the psychology of it all), whatever will make our game tighter and help guarantee success.

    PM me if this sounds like something you would be interested in

  2. Whatsup bro

    I just moved to the area, living in Berkley near Royal Oak. PM me if you wanna hit the bars around town!

  3. #3

    Michigan resident here as well. Was out at the new Vogue Nightclub (used to be Tonic) and Elektricity last night. So many hot girls. Shoot me a PM, either of you.

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