Fuck Buddy with Friend of Social Circle Girl

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    Fuck Buddy with Friend of Social Circle Girl

    Hey guys,

    I'm in a student group (around 40 people) at a German university, that deals with the integration program of new international students every semester. Last month I had a ONS with a friend of a girl which just newly joined our group. I turned it into a FB relationship, but without stating it explicitly that we're just fuck buddies. She never slept over so far and I only initiate conversation for meeting up so I guess she's getting the message (avoiding all BF behavior).

    At the moment we're having exams here, so I'm not seeing that social circle much, but from march/april on there will be a lot of parties where I will be around people from this group. As the two girls are close friends, I'm pretty sure the girl from my group knows I'm fucking her friend.

    My question now: Is it okay to still hit on girls in front of the girl that knows about my FB? If I escalate on some other girl, do I have to keep it secret, so so I don't run into problems of her asking what is between me and the FB? Or is it a good thing if that friend sees me with other girls as well?

    Thanks for tips in advance!!

  2. First of I'd tell you not to fuzz and pussyfoot around if your friend asks a question, honesty is key to trust and trust is key to... well a lot of fun things. If your FB brings up the "what are we" things, you can either be out front or do some rephrasing, RSD Todd has a great video on that one that is definite gold if you want to use it.

    Other than that, definitely hit on other girls, you're not exclusive and your FB probably gets hit on by others as well. It keeps it clear for the both of you, otherwise lines might blur. Keep your boundaries clear and keep a mutual base of respect and honesty.

    Good luck!

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    Thanks for the reply Ezcheesy. Yeah, that's how I wanted to play it. Do you maybe have the link to video by RSD Todd? I can't find it by googling. Thanks in advance!

  4. What if he wanted to hook up with the friend of the FB? How does it change things if the 2 girls are best friends?

    Let's say you have a target, but you're closer with her best friend. If you hooked up with the best friend at one point, would that have negative consequences with your primary target down the road? Or would it provide pre-selection?

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