Venture and Sterling 3 Day Simplified Natural Bootcamp - Stockholm, August 2015

Venture & Sterling 3 day Simplified Natural Bootcamp -
Stockholm - August 2015


The Bootcamp started with an introduction of the Instructors and each of the Rockstars, all of whom were present in that big suite at a central hotel in Stockholm. The scene was impressing. They were a strong masculine presence.
It was a real relief when most of the issues I had with the classical model were discussed individually by the Rockstars present in the room - this before I had introduced myself and explained the reasons that brought me specifically to this Simplified Natural bootcamp.
While aiming at great results, and having attended a previous LS bootcamp, it had been difficult for me to find an internal congruence when using routines, memory, a model prone to linearity, etc, in my interactions.
Every Rockstar outlined their particular previous personal situation and emphasized how Simplified Natural had changed all that. That was an exercise of honesty and generosity on their part.

The Model

Simplified Natural is the model developed by Venture and Sterling. It has at its core a focused overarching goal: to become the best possible version of yourself - not just in game, but in all key aspects: Masculinity and passion in life on a higher level. Becoming truly "naturally" attractive is essential to achieving lasting success with high quality women. In order to accomplish this, you have to change your beliefs and seriously improve the core person that you are.

The Seminar

Right at the start of the Seminar it is made clear that this is a course on communication.
The model is nothing short of brilliant. It teaches how to navigate through the interaction in a dynamic and genuine way.
Normal, Fun, Warm and Sexual conversation components are oscillated -combined with strong sub-communications - so as to widen thresholds in an organic way and build a connection which can happen much faster - as fast as your skill allows. Proof of the effectiveness of this Model was provided and explained by Rockstars and Instructors, and numerous examples -epic- were given.

During the seminar portion of the Bootcamp there is a focus on strong inner game, masculinity, "getting in the state", mindsets, fun, passion in life, a real human aspect, life-long change, genuineness, the boyfriend-girlfirend frame, boundaries, and how to implement and effectively convey all those.

The teaching is accompanied with numerous demonstrations and interactive exercises to show how to develop and apply what is being taught. This was especially useful during a fundamental component of the model: the sub-communications and body language theme.

A key point which I found of great importance and high potential effectiveness was that of the mindset of when and how to sexualize/create sexual tension -and when to release it- while staying comfortable in the process. A high command in this aspect should enable quick results.

The theory on storytelling and the "filters" to use when building genuine stories of your own is simply great.

The Instructors

The teaching style of Sterling and Venture is Socratic based. It is stimulating. Questions or statements are introduced to be followed by a brief discussion. The issue is then reasoned for a deep understanding of the matter as they deploy the Simplified Natural curriculum. Their breakdown of the knowledge is intense.

Sterling is methodical and most articulate in his teaching. His discourse is crystal clear. He is smart and a fast thinker.
Venture´s teachings and interventions are gold. He is smart, intense and most passionate. He is probably one of the most masculine and stabilizing guys I´ve ever known.

They complement each other in a great way. Both show a genuine passion for what they do, which is very contagious as well as challenging. They both are successful in other aspects of their lives as well.

Their debriefs and feedback on the nights out is detailed, clear and precise as well as direct and honest. You can perceive that it comes from a desire to effect improvement and motivation. It shows that they have a high attention to detail without missing anything of the context and big picture of your interactions. Both proved to be highly observant and proficient.

Nights Out

The nights out were EPIC. Instructors and Rockstars are very fun people to be around. I don't remember having had so much fun in years - seriously. The clubs selected for the infield practice were superb. Especially on Saturday at "The Wall", where we shared table with Instructors and Rockstars.
During infield, I implemented the instructions received by Venture and Sterling. They both are challenging. Observing them in set was a gem.

I received advice and discrete demos from many Rockstars - very generous and fun guys. What a blast of a group. Very fortunate guys indeed.
I got great advise from Vybe, who was willing to help at any time. He is a very fun guy to be around and his energy is awesome. I learned a lot by observing him. (He pulled a stunner at The Wall - boy that was fast!).
Ian -Instructor Scumbadger- was also very helpful. Observing him creating tension and engineering a GB was gold. Before the first night out, he also explained to me how useful and effective learning Simplified Natural had been for him personally.
I thank all of them for their help.

There has been a big deal of brain re-wiring during and after this mental weekend.

Final Remarks

Venture and Sterling are not only outstanding communicators, but also high quality sources of inspiration. The repercussion of taking this SN program with them has been overarching.

Becoming the best version of yourself is not an immediate process. It is an endeavour which requires focus and continuous bold action in many facets of yourself. This Simplified Natural program provides the tools and puts you in a faster track to achieve this purpose.

I can assert that attending this Simplified Natural bootcamp with Venture and Sterling has been one of the best investments of my life.
I see tremendous value in this program. I urge you to seriously consider going for it.