Achieving a Higher Level of Understanding with Scumbadger

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    Achieving a Higher Level of Understanding with Scumbadger

    I used to think that Love Systems was just a pickup company; a series of tactics to get girls that almost completely neglected the all important topic of what to do with a girl once you got one. The company has evolved a lot over the years, and I think the next wave of coaches is going to be the best yet. I think this not only because I worked with just about all of them at Superconference this year, but also because I just finished a month of Lifeline with Ian, AKA Scumbadger.

    Iím currently in a relationship dilemma which has recently consumed half my waking hours: Continue dating multiple women or devote myself fully to the one I love most. I had a 30 minute phone consultation with Ian about this about a week ago. When the 30-minute mark came and went, Ian didnít miss a beat. The call wasnít over until all my questions, many of which were deep and complicated, were fully and satisfyingly answered.

    Lifeline is pretty damn expensive, but if youíre stuck in a dilemma like mine, or your game has hit a plateau, really think about getting a Love Systems coach in one form or another. (I also do phone consultations with Cajun. Buying 10 consultations is much cheaper than Mastermind/Lifeline and in my opinion you get more bang for your buck. I will write a separate positive review for Cajun when my last consult is over.) LS products are helpful (some more than others) but getting a coach cuts your learning curve by a lot more than anything else. Itís more expensive, so itís not for everyone, but if you want to get better and are willing to take the energy and risks necessary to get to where you want to be, getting a coach like Ian is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Everyone talks about bootcamps, but I've found the consultations to be more cost-effective.

    I donít know how my current situation will end, but being able to choose between my two options is pretty great for a 31-year old who was once a 27-year old virgin. Without coaching my learning would've been slower and I don't know where I'd be today.

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