Put me out of my misery someone!

I know a married woman friend who I knew either side of her marriage two years ago. We used to work together. Male & female colleagues (not me) said we behaved like we were more than friends.

Nothing untoward happened at all.

Since the wedding, she's more or less binned me... no social media communication except for here's where it gets weird.

For the past 20 months or so, texting me/calling every few weeks about a job she has... a vacancy that she thinks would be good for me.

Some of these jobs are anecdotal... they don't really exist but for her knowing a friend of a friend etc.. She's tried to get me a job at her current workplace too.

However, this current role/job she's found (in her home town) is legit! Its not advertised, not in newspapers nor website. She's applying for a similar role in the same company!


We've met 2x in 2 years - don't socialise, fb, phone, txt but she does this for me every so often but regularly. She's txted me about jobs late at night. These surely could wait?

I've never told her I'm unhappy in my current job... nor do I instigate comms other than when she does this stuff.

How's it going to change... me and her working in the same office as opposed to her and me never meeting again as is the current status quo.

If I didn't want to be near to someone, the thing I wouldn't be doing is trying to get a job with that person...