Which twin should i choose?

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  1. Which twin should i choose?

    This is in my math class. There are two twins, I have talked with a friend about it and its hard to tell what HB number they are, they look exactly the same. Small differences I have noticed now in their looks. I can say they are over HB.5 and under HB.10. In the same time they are not HB, special bodys who I find sexy, and their face is insanly cute, I mean insanly cute. I do not want to have threesome with twins, I find that sick so thats not an option.

    The only problem is one of them is extremly introvert and the other one, the leader have show me multiple times that she checked me out. Still she is special but still very sociable, a little withdrawn too.

    So I met the extremly introvert one outside the classroom, said confidently "Soo you go in my class right? Just checking" and I can tell you Ima confident guy with good looks. And she looked nervous as hell and just "mm" so i stopped talked to her, maybee if she just have answered "mm" with a little smile I would have gone for it, still when I started talk to some guys from the class she looked at me as she wanted to join the conversation but never did.

    but I know when I see it, they wants a man, any man, not in particullary me. And which one of them I choose, I will be completly honest all the time that this might not lead to anything else, because I do not know, I can very well fall in love with one of them because their faces are just the cutest. Its sick, its like a hidden treasure coming from nowhere.

    Im almost 100% sure the introvert is a virgin.
    Im almost 90-97% sure the leader is a virgin.

    The leader have all the friends, she helps her introvert sister and talks softly to their common girl friends.

    This is not about s*x, this is about just talking to one of them because im so incerdibly curious what these cute girls are for type of persons. I cannot tell which one I want to know the most, because they are both so special and natural in their own way.

    Ofc they talk about everything, they are shy twins, so my thought was writing to one of them on FB "Hey, I wanted to talk to you now, I just wondering if I was annoying when I talked to you outside the class room, or was it your sister?" (acting stupid I do not know the diffrence) no this is not DHV, I know, just affraid I will scare them if I DHV, can it be that way or is it just bullshit? Should I DHV in the message?

    Im thinking like this: If I message the leader, she will hook or she will tell me it was her sister. Then the leader can talk to her sister and pep her and I will write to her sister after some time.

    This is GF material girls, if im gonna do something im gonna marry one of these girls.
    Still so hard to choose which one, its like choosing ciggarettes, marlboro or luckystrikes for the rest of you life. So which one should I choose to approach for highest chance? Im afraid if im try to approach them irl again, they will feel so bad and a shame they would not even answer the message after that.

    So if the introvert gets attention over her sister, which she never gets, she might feel special, if the leader got approached she might want to get more in the lead role, at the same time, she might get angry that I can not see the diffrence. These are no sluts. And im not on a one-fix I just want to see what person these girls are behind everything, at least hang out with them, because these kinds of people can give you much more than the vocal HB11 can.

    And if I fall in love with one of them, I would marry her and become best friend with the other one, thats a beautiful thought for me.

    Sure the introvert can be more GF-material, still can be more insecure and harder to have a realtionship with. And the leader can be much more selfconfident and be easier to live with, but in the same way sees it for what it is.

    You see my idea?
    Want me to try to explain more?
    If I do not try to do it, I will regret it for the rest of my life. Ive never seen anything cuter than their faces and they are between 20-25 y/o.

    Still the leader can have checked me out because of her sister wanted her to do it.

    I have very high social status and iam a natural alpha male.

    So should I just call one of them, get their number from someone? (no)
    Write? (yes I think it is the best way)

    hmm in this writing moment I feel like 51% to the introvert and 49% to the leader. When I started this post I was feelin 50/50.

    I know this is a strange post, delete the thread if its not suitable on this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norrbotten View Post
    I have very high social status and iam a natural alpha male.
    Then start acting like one

  3. The leader would be my choice.

  4. Twins

    That's my fantasy set! Oh..Its so hard to find twins! lol

    Noire Licorne

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