Dating girls from social group

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    Dating girls from social group

    Recently started going to a meetup group, I was there on the first meet. I'm probably highest value member, other than looks. Started getting to know on of the girls there and she seems interested, bit of flirting and good banter. Quite a few ioi although nothing overtly obvious. Haven't number closed or anything yet, not really an opportunity to isolate. How should I proceed? I'm a bit wary of social circle stuff as I don't know if it's considered weird if I ask her out and she's not interested. Don't even know when I would get the chance seeing as everyone is always as a group on these meets. Going for the Facebook add or messaging through the website seems kind of try hard right?

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    there's nothing special about this environment except its 100X easier than cold approach

    any interaction that goes well u should be exchanging numbers, otherwise why are you there?

    should be trivial, anyone at a meetup group will gladly exchange numbers, that's what they're there for.

    isolating is also trivial, any convo that's going well just move her to the bar, couch, etc. u dont even need to isolate to get her number but isolation is good overall

    in terms of seeing her again, just text and invite her to something. if u seed something during the face to face ("hey i'm throwing a party this weekend, u should come"), even easier (but not necessary)

    also VERY doable to pull from these events, in which case u dont even need numbers and dates. I've done it many times

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    Maybe I should have done something then. Feel like I built attraction but I didn't just want to ask for the number without a reason. Especially infront of the others. What should I do now that I won't see her for a couple of weeks, just leave it? It's quite a cosy little group and everyone tends to sit round together. In my mind I thought I may have built enough attraction that she would message me on the website and it would be easy from there, but that hasn't played out lol.

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