Pick up in bars (S.E. Asia)

So I had an encouraging response in strip clubs in NYC, right after the boot camp (managed to date a stripper, and we're still in touch). Probably not a surprise to many of you that Fader was one of the instructors, along with Lemonjacket.

Today I decided to try one of the local bars, which has freelance girls. For those of you unfamiliar with how this works in S.E. Asia, it's like this:

The girls buy X bottles from the bar, as a precondition to working there. They then encourage bar patrons to buy drinks, and to buy them drinks as well. Patrons pay above market rates for the drinks, and the girl profits (i.e. her $250 bottle rakes in $500)

So my goal was to go in there, and get someone to add me on FB, while buying no drinks beyond the first (that's mandatory). Note that in most of these bars, the rule is one drink every 20 minutes, or you're kicked out.

So I go in, and sit at the bar counter. This is a mistake - the lonely quiet guys, who wait for girls to approach them, are all skulking there. When one of the girls come close I try to turn things around a bit, by talking to her before she can say anything.

I use the "You gonna talk to me or are we are going to keep flirting from a distance?" line. That actually catches her off-guard, and I hope it makes me stand out a little.

The conversation goes well and I dive into storytelling mode. I am going to buy a house in three cities and move between them every two years, etc. etc. She interrupts to ask me to buy her a drink, but I want to test the limits and refuse.

("Not yet, there's a sequence. First I get to know you, then I buy you a drink, then I buy you the house and ring. Probably by Thursday." Which sounds really stupid now that I think about it, but she laughed.)

Success: she doesn't immediately get up and walk away. We keep talking.

The first sign that I'm getting through comes after 20 minutes. I am still nursing my one drink, and she starts blabbing inside information. The boss can't be seen because he's actually Muslim, one of the girls is a lesbian and secretly wants to murder the customers, etc.

The bar manager starts looking our way, and the girl whispers about the 20 minute rule. Also, I made the unwise decision of sitting within sight of the manager (note: sit in a corner where the bar manager cannot throw the girl dirty looks)

So I buy another glass (damn, minus one point), and suddenly I get a shit test. At least I'm pretty sure it is. She asks why I'm not married when I'm so old. So I tell her it's because, for most of my 20s, I was trying to be a priest.

(This is totally true for me. But a friend of mine now uses it as a response to "why don't you have a girlfriend?")

The result was the same as with a stripper in NYC: intrigue. So now I am pretty sure that story works in this kind of setting. So I tell her the story of why I never became a priest, and I manage to talk to her for a good hour or so. I also try what I learned in boot camp (move her around). I managed to get her to follow me to another corner, where the manager isn't looking.

I throw in some urgency, and tell her I gotta go meet my friends. For once I remember the stuff in the phone / text guide: I get her to agree to a date first (I will show her better clubs to work at), and then get her to add me. I also do the thing where I text her on the spot ("Help, there's a cute girl in this bar hitting on me"), and stay for at least five more minutes. End result: got added on Facebook, and got a date, after buying only two drinks over 90 minutes.

I actually find this REALLY easy compared to picking up girls in other situations. I suspect it's because:

(1) I am refusing to behave like a regular customer, by not throwing money on drinks, dances, etc. Suspect once they think of it as business, it's over.

(2) My AA is VERY strong and screws with my brain. In these settings AA doesn't mess me up.

(3) I'm kinda lucky in that I have a lot of good stories, mostly fueled by poor life choices (although I hide that last fact well). If I really want the girl, I need to move to an environment where I can capitalize on that.

I think I can set this aside for a while, and focus more on environments where I'm still a zero (e.g. dance clubs). But it is good to note there's not much difference between strip clubs in NYC and these bars down here in S.E. Asia.