Being attractive is who you are, not what you do

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  1. Being attractive is who you are, not what you do

    It took me a while to come to this epiphany. Attracting women isn't about magic tricks in the club or routines. Being attractive isn't about WHAT you do, but WHO you are.

    While many people now look at the the book by Neil Strauss "The Game" as being outdated, and the book more geared to the casual reader than any PUA enthusiast, and while the depth of knowledge and importance to the PUA/Attraction community is often severely underestimated.

    What many people look over are the great lengths Style took to become an attractive PERSON. He eschewed the peacocky elements that his mentor Mystery advocated and practiced, yet became even more successful.

    His success was his willingness to improve himself. He didn't just memorize lines and routines - he made his own, fitting them to his personality. He got more active, worked out, practiced sports. He hired a vocal coach. He had improv lessons. He improved his posture with Alexander technique.

    The routines and script? They're all simply a way of communicating that you are an attractive person. Confident, strong willed, interesting. If you already embody these qualities, then there's little need for the routines and script, because you will NATURALLY demonstrate these qualities.

    Style often talked about the power BEHIND the routines, but few people realize what this truly means, and the importance. Instead of concentrating on routines, it's important to understand WHY these routines work and how to effectively incorporate the traits that are communicated in these routines into your own personality.

  2. Everything you noted is exactly why I prefer all of David DeAngelos Material because it focuses on bringing up and aligning your values as a man in who you are... which, in turn, is naturally attractive. -great post for those who might be a little too into the technique side, instead of the "being/authentic" you.

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    what you do is based on who you are. but i do get what you're tryina say

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    Forget about routines.

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