Helicase - Halloween Gaming - Mini Seminar - Chicago - Oct 22nd 2015

I was going to be in Chicago for work all of the week of Oct 19-22nd so when I saw that Helicase was giving this presentation I signed up. I am based on the East Coast and was going to Fader and Lemonjacket's Oct 23rd-25th bootcamp (see my review), so I delayed my flight back to the East Coast until Friday morning for Helicase's talk.

Helicase is a longtime instructor and used to work with a previous instructor from Chicago, DaHunter, who I meet many years ago and liked a lot. Usually I look for experience in instructors so I know that they have worked with a variety of students and are not biased by their own experience.

I found this seminar to be very good and worth the $100 cost. Helicase spoke for about 2 hours and 45 minutes. There were a few former bootcamp students of Helicase's in the audience and he seemed to be on very good terms with them.
Overall I found him to be a good speaker and a good presenter.

Since the topic is very specific to Halloween, I won't give away any of the details of the seminar, just a quick outline of some topics covered.

1. How I got good (not Halloween specific - the rest of the bulletpoints are specific to Halloween except point 14).

2. Picking costumes and costumes to avoid

3. prepping - crucial steps

4. Mindset - getting warmed up

5. Closing Mentality

6. Opening - Openers - Opener response calibration - Transitions

7. Logistical Screening

8. Attraction

9. Qualification

10. Frames

11. Comfort

12. Pulling

13. Friends with Benefits

14. Helicase's rules for FB's

There were some discounts offered on other LS material at the end of the mini-seminar.

Topics I wish were covered - the timing of the pull is a bit weird on Halloween. People want to stay out and party it seems, so how fast and how early is it best to pull? How do you deal with friends on Halloween who may impede the pull? These may be topics Helicase could expand on the next time he gives this talk.