Have you ever had sex with a prostitute?

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    Have you ever had sex with a prostitute?

    I'm a 26 year old virgin. I am very ugly and girl in my country (Iran) would not go out with me at all. Even below average ones. I don't like to label people ugly, but the ugly ones wont go out with me either. I am that bad.. I have also tried online dating and liked 600 girls, yes 600 girls and no one liked me or replied. I also have social anxiety and my confidence is below zero. I am super skinny, have tried gym but can't gain weight. I have depression. I have only had one girlfriend who lied to me all time. She never liked me in the first place and literally stabbed me in the back after she left me. I am sick and tired of this and want to start having sex with prostitutes from now on. I look like Pinocchio This is a serious question.

    Does anyone here escort? what should I be aware of?

    Please help.

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    Your ex actually stabbed you in the back, with like, a knife? Btw, if you didn't have sex with her, then she was not really your girlfriend, but just a friend who was a girl.

    Going to an escort some times MAY give you the sexual confidence to make a move on a girl (because you know what to do in all practicality), but most likely it will just make it even more prominent in your mind that you don't understand women, and then you'll feel even more like shit (And possibly you'll contract an STD, and since you live in Iran, get thrown into jail for 40 years or something...)

    I would not recommend it. We have all this great information available that makes dating a pleasure for you, AND the women you meet, so why go to a prostitute.

    It doesn't matter that you are skinny, that's should not be your biggest concern, getting women is mostly about understanding the way they feel attraction. Your biggest concern however should be your depression, you have to, HAVE TO start sorting that out firs, go to the doctor or a mental health professional. Even if you got an amazing girlfriend right now, it would only make you a bit happier for a while, and then the depression will surface again.

    Health always comes first.

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