question re Magic Bullets

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    question re Magic Bullets

    Magic Bullets is one of the few core PUA books that I don't have yet. I'm working mainly with MM and Double Your Dating. Yet, the freebie excerpt of MB looks outstanding. I haven't gotten it yet because it's more pricey. Yet it does appear to have undeniable value. Generally, I prefer printed books, but I can see the merit of having an electronic version of a book that can be easily ported around at all times in a smartphone. Is it possible to buy MB both as a printed book and an e-book?

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    Hi! I appreciate your interest in Magic Bullets.

    Get the online version. It's often updated, has all the bonuses, and you can print it or kindle it or do whatever you want with it. The printed version off Amazon is an older version.
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    Thanks for the info, Savoy. Will the e-version display just fine on an ordinary laptop? I don't need a Kindle, right?

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