volunteering at a university- goldmine!

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  1. volunteering at a university- goldmine!

    well, i have had a ureka moment

    i have broken up with a ltr, havent masterbated in 8 months and going on no sex 2 months.

    i am young and semi retired (blew off most my life to work hard, save, and invest in real estate and business) and now i am seeing the light at the end of a very long, dark tunnel.

    with my free time, i decided to volunteer for a student group at my states largest university. let me tell you. this is better then being a student, and i feel like i am reliving my own u days 15 years ago.

    on my 3rd day today, i already got an hb9 number, and very deep and connected convo for almost an hour.

    this is like being a bartender at a club, but everyone is sober. and there is every reason why chicks just come up and talk. this session is only for 1 week. and i am in no rush as i am an a pretty heavy rebound. and becuase i am not distracted by self important, pursuits and attachments or any more dillusions of granduer, i have a very clear and focussed intent.

    i am planning with the group to maybe be there 1-2 weeks a month now. and everyone is pumped.

    the bonus is you feel really good doing charity work, so meet people while in this state, which is amazing!

    hannibal lectur said that we covet what we see every day. i am already noticing paid staff taking a ton of notice to me, and am already recognizing faces and getting a lot of attention from students.

    so not only is this helping with the break up. but a great way to meet high quality girls (hopefully)

    i am 35, this chick was 22. and gave her number up no question after chatting. and i didnt run much game at all. was just sincere

    so dont every think for a second that charity work doesnt pay lol oh i also landed some other work with other organizations for more charity work elswhere

    if i could meet another volunteer that would make my day. i am noticing that in my 3 years out of commission. cell phones and social media have put female narcissism/psychopathy to a whole new level, and i am seeing it very tough to find a real, caring about others chick. and i gave up drinking a ways back and bars seem super lame these days too. and pleanty of fish and tinder are just filled with porn spammers, rebounds, cheaters and insecure validaters

    sorry i am a komicidal optimist, but the doors "people are strange" is giving me a whole new meaning since NC with the ex

    i hope this helps anyone out there. the fact i still can look 25 helps as well lol the leader of the group keeps saying i look just like a new student there.

    carry on brothers, and fight a good fight!


  2. Awesome point. Universities have literally thousands of beautiful women and by volunteering you can improve your social circle and even use your age to your advantage!

  3. Interesting thread! Volunteering for which kinds of groups though? Does anyone have some random ideas? Thx!

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