acquaintance advise needed

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    acquaintance advise needed

    Hi guys,

    I need a bit of advice on how to respond/react to the following situation that presented itself and hope you guys can help. A little background info;

    I was in a pub with a group of friends and while we were outside having a smoke, an old acquaintance (girl 1) made a bee-line for me and said that herself and another acquaintance of mine (which there have always been chemistry but things have always got in the way. Girl 2) were talking the other night and were saying we should all get together and hangout and that girl 2 really missed me etc. Reading this as a 'can you give me your number so I can give it to girl 2' situation, I said that it sounded like a good idea, and suggested girl 1 and myself exchange numbers and we'll arrange something.
    I texted girl 1 the following day, which she responded quickly to and finished the text by saying 'girl 2 is very excited about it'. Although I don't have girl 2's number, she is on my FB, would it be advisable to cut out the middleman so to speak and if girl 2 is interested she might respond on FB messenger, although this feel s a little bit creepy and possibly DLV.

    So my question is this, how do I escalate this as I don't have girl 2's number and may come across strange if I ask girl 1 for it and how do I progress it in such a way where I don't come across pushy and DLV?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Relax. Chill mate. Understand women/girls. If it is true the girl 1 says, you got it easy, and she wants to look important to her mate. So don't contact girl 2. Keep yourself mystery mate and let girl 1 have her day, like she wants a medal from her friend (girl 1) for hooking you up. Girl 1 wants to look cool to her friend (girl 2). So don't contact the girl on FB. Wait.

    Wait until you meet because if you cut her out, know girls not all, but most take their social circle serious. So her friend can backstab you for doing that and influence girl 2. So chill mate, and wait until you meet up.

    She's doing the work for you so let her work it for you.

    Then you can mingle, then isolate girl 2, get her number, and there we go. Now you cut middle girl out AFTER, i.e. calling or texting girl for meet up later where you're both on your own.

    This way girl 1 feels important and you get the girl.

    Then it depends on your game from then on

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    It is entirely possible Girl 1 is interested in you and is using Girl 2 as an excuse. Was the vibe with Girl 1 fun and flirty or was it totally platonic? If the former, then ask Girl 1 out for a drink and suggest she bring Girl 2 if she is free. If she doesn't, you know the score.

    Alternatively, if it really is platonic, don't worry at all about any awkwardness. Simply contact her on FB and be honest "Hey I ran into Girl 1 and she mentioned you..." and then go from there.

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