Mastering logistics: Information & planning (part 2/5)

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    Mastering logistics: Information & planning (part 2/5)

    This is part two of a five part series on logistics. The five parts are:

    1. Introduction
    2. Information & planning (This post)
    3. Moving the girl (Soon to come)
    4. Obstacles
    5. Mindset

    This part deals with setting yourself up for success. Preparing your house, planning your route back to your house and gathering information. The goal here is to give yourself the best chance to lead the interaction to sex and ensure that nothing that’s within your control will prevent you from having sex.

    Preparing your place

    Before you leave your house (or hotel or where ever you’re staying) you should take a moment and make sure you have leave the place well prepared for bringing a girl back. The best way to do this is to literally walk into your house imagining you have a girl with you. Ask yourself these questions:

    • Is your house reasonably tidy and clean?
    • Can you easily turn on some music?
    • Where are you going to sit?
    • Do you have some alcoholic drinks in the fridge?
    • Do you have something interesting to show her or do with her?
    • Where are you going to have sex with her?
    • Do you have condoms within reach?

    The goal here is to make sure things go smoothly when you get her back. You want to avoid state breaks as much as possible.


    When you get to the bar or club, if you don’t know the venue, walk around and look for a few key aspects of the club:

    • Outside areas which are a bit quieter and better for conversation, especially early in the evening
    • Places to take a girl once you meet her, such as the dance floor, bars, pool, couches or seats where you can sit next to one another
    • Private areas in the venue where you could potentially have sex, which are usually unisex or handicapped bathrooms, but could potentially be unused private rooms or cabanas or the pool if the venue has one
    • Note the different exits from the club.

    Think about the easiest way to get back to your place. If you’re driving, remember where you parked your car. Are you cabbing it, figure out the easiest way to find a cab. You don’t want to stand outside on the street for half an hour waiting for a cab.

    As we’ll discuss in part 3 (Moving the girl), knowing where you are going is very important so you want to make sure you have a plan. In addition, doing all these preparations implicitly assumes that you’re expecting to bring a girl back, so it puts you in the right mindset.


    Screening means gathering information from the girl about her situation that night. Find out early in the conversation what her situation is. You can do this easily by asking a few questions, such as

    • Do you live by yourself?
    • Who are you here with? 

    • Are you driving?
    • What are you doing tomorrow?

    Based on this information you can decide if and how to proceed as well as figuring out where you should bounce, your place or hers. Normally you should go for your place, but there are exceptions. For example, if you live half an hour away and she lives by herself a block away.

    Other than for informational purposes, screening for logistics also sets the right frame. She knows why you’re asking these questions so you plant a little seed in her head that there is a possibility of you going home together. It also shows confidence and preselection.

    When you screen for logistics and her responses are positive, always react in a satisfied way, “Perfect!” “Ok, great!”, as if you’re assuming that you will go home with her.

    Sometimes she’ll respond by denying that she’s looking for that, especially if you screen very early in the conversation, by saying something like “But I’m not having sex with you.” This is a great opportunity to show that you don’t get thrown off by it, make her laugh and at the same time frame her as the “naughty” one.


    You: Are you working early tomorrow?
    She: No, I got the day off.
    You: Great! And you don’t have to drive anyone home tonight do you?
    She: No, I took a taxi here.
    You: Perfect! (smile)
    She: What do you mean, I’m not coming home with you.
    You: Wow, you’re already thinking about sex? You’re a naughty one, I’m a virgin so don’t get any ideas.

    Notice how many good things happen here in a very short conversation: (1) you got some info (2) you set the right frame (3) you’re making her laugh and (4) you’re talking about sex and (5) you didn’t flinch.

    If you want to ramp up the tension quickly you could also respond with “yes you are, you just don’t know it yet.”

    As opposed to screening, you can also do the opposite and let her know that you’re in a good position to take her home. You can say things like

    • I live by myself
    • My house is just two blocks away
    • My roommate is gone tonight so I have the apartment for myself
    • I have a really comfortable bed

    Challenging logistics

    Sometimes the logistics are very tricky. Examples are:

    • She’s the designated driver in her group
    • She has a family member staying at her house
    • She’s out with her brother
    • She has to work really early the next morning

    None of these mean it’s impossible to get her home, but it will make it less likely that she’ll come home with you or that you can bounce to her place. In this case, you should either aim to have sex with her inside or nearby the club or you could opt to take her number and move on. What you choose depends on the situation, but you should at least be aware of these considerations.

    Part 3 of the logistics series, "Moving the girl" will be posted in a few weeks, stay tuned.

  2. Awesome thread, followed it word for word and it was a game changer. I've gotten neater cz often opportunities to bring a girl home come up alot (especially with daygame). Next logistic article please !

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    Quote Originally Posted by aitimus View Post
    Awesome thread, followed it word for word and it was a game changer. I've gotten neater cz often opportunities to bring a girl home come up alot (especially with daygame). Next logistic article please !
    Awesome, will put the next one up this weekend!

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    nice 👍

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasper View Post
    Awesome, will put the next one up this weekend!

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Jasper View Post
    Awesome, will put the next one up this weekend!
    Dude I've beeeen waiting for part 3 . If you busy, can you skip to part 5: mindset :P?

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    Sorry for the delay guys, here's the 3rd part.

    Part III: Moving the girl

    This is the physical aspect of logistics.

    Why you should move her

    Obviously the main reason is because you need to get to a place where the two of you can have sex, but there are other reasons why you’d want to move the girl before you make your move back to your “sex” destination.

    First of all, you want to establish a leader-follower pattern between the two of you. Once you’ve
    moved her a couple times, she’ll start feeling comfortable with it and she’ll naturally follow you.

    Secondly, moving a girl creates attraction (when done correctly) as it displays masculine qualities (leading, acting on intentions, going for what you want) that women are naturally attracted to.

    Finally, spending time in different locations (even if it’s within the same venue) creates the perception of having spend more time together. Compare having a one hour conversation at the exact same spot to meeting her in front of the bathroom, having a drink together at the bar, dance together in front of the DJ, walking around the club, checking out the outside area and having a cigarette together. If you try to walk the girl out of the club in both situations, can you see how in the latter situation she will be much more likely to come with you?

    When to move her

    It’s advisable to start moving the girl early on in the interaction. You can start with a very small move, walk her as little as a few feet or even just re-arranging her position. Don’t wait until you feel sure that she’ll come with you or wait for signals.

    How to move her

    My standard way to move a girl is very simple: (1) I grab her hand (2) I say “let’s go” or “come with me” and (3) I start walking without looking at her reaction and without hesitation.

    The most important aspect of moving the girl is to never ask for permission, either verbally or through sub-communications.

    Verbally you ask for permission by saying anything that ends with a question mark. The only reason you open your mouth is to let her know that you’re moving her. It’s a statement meant to inform her.


    Wrong: Do you want to grab a drink at the bar?
    Right: Let’s go grab a drink.

    Wrong: Do you feel like dancing?
    Right: Let’s go dance, come with me.

    Even if you’re saying the right words, you can still ask for permission though sub-communication. If you do anything else then to start walking without hesitation and without looking for a reaction, you’re implicitly asking for permission.

    Mostly this is pausing a second between grabbing her hand and starting to walk or looking at her after you’ve made the statement. You’re communicating that she has a choice. It’s can be very subtle but it’s often the difference between her following you and getting resistance.

    Why asking for permission is detrimental

    When you’re asking a girl to come with you (either verbally or implicitly through your sub communications) her conscious mind activates and she now has a decision to make. Do I want to go with this guy? Her brain can come up with lots of reasons why shy wouldn’t (I just met this guy, my friends are here, I don’t know where he’s going, etc) and therefore often the answer will be no.

    Even when asking for permission, it’s still possible that she’ll follow you of course. This depends on how much she’s into you. If she’s really into you, you could even simply say “Do you want to come to my house and have sex?” and she’ll agree.


    I personally prefer not to use pre-texts most of the time, unless she is hesitant to follow me. The reason is that you don’t need one. The simple fact that I want to go stand or do something else is reason enough. The frame that I want to set is “I decide what we’re doing and you just follow me and trust that it’s going to be fun.”

    This is very masculine frame that most girls love to melt into. It’s exciting and arousing to a girl to be lead this way. She’ll get used to you leading her somewhere without her needing to know where you’re going or what you’ll be doing, which helps later on when you’re taking her home as you’ll often avoid the whole plausible deniability game. (Wait, where are we going? I can’t go home with you, I just met you, we’re not having sex, I’m not like that bla bla bla… I’ll discuss how to deal with this in part III, Obstacles.)

    If she resists I’ll give her a reason, “let’s grab a drink at the bar,” “let’s go dancing,” “let’s grab some fresh air,” “I want to go over there where it’s less crowded,” “we are going to meet my friends,” “let’s go gamble,” (in Vegas), “let’s go to another bar,” etc.

    Notice again that I’m making statements, I’m telling her what we’re doing as opposed to asking her if she wants to join.

    Make sure you know where you’re going

    Picture this. You’re having a few drinks with friends when you decide to move to a different bar. As you walk out, everyone’s engaged in conversation and as a group you start walking a certain direction. Suddenly the person up-front stops and looks around. Everyone stops talking and a few of you ask: “Wait, are we going the right direction?” “Do we know where we are going?”

    Human beings are programmed to follow whoever projects him or herself as the leader and we follow that person as long as that person leads with confidence. As soon as we sense insecurity, hesitation or doubt, our conscious minds are activated and we start thinking.

    Human beings (and their ancestors) been around for millions of year and for 99.99% of that time venturing into unknown areas was pretty dangerous. You could run into wild animals, get lost or be ambushed by a neighboring tribe.

    Things have changed and it’s now perfectly save to walk around in most areas and Googlemaps makes getting lost challenging, but our brains haven’t had the time to catch up yet. We feel uncomfortable going somewhere without knowing where we are going unless we follow someone that we trust and feel confident that that person knows where he or she is going. This is particularly true for women.

    As a consequence of the above, the moment you’re leading a girl and she feels that you’re not 100% percent confident where you’re taking her, her conscious mind activates and you may lose her, depending on how eager she is to come with you.

    This is why part I, Gathering information, is so important. You need to always have a plan. To illustrate this point, here’s a great example of what can go wrong.
On Rockstar 2015, my partner in crime and two girls walked out of XS with the intention to go to our car and drive back home. We’ve had little resistance so far. We walked to the parking lot and looked for our car. After 10 minutes or so we realized it wasn’t there and that we parked it at a different garage. We had to walk back and another 10 minutes passed. When we finally arrived at the right parking lot, just as we’re about to get into the elevator, the girls decided to go back to their place. Failure to make a mental note of where we parked our car resulted in losing the girls.

    Things to avoid

    Generally speaking, you should always avoid letting the girl lead you. This can be tricky sometimes. For example, let’s say she wants to introduce you to her friends. It’s more practical for her to lead you to them. However, you should still lead her. Ask her where they are, then lead her towards that area and tell her to let you know when she sees them.

Even better is to change the plan and do what you want first. For example, you could say “Let me tell my buddies first, come with me” or “Let’s grab a drink first.” This might seem a little far-fetched, but I’ve seen it over and over again where I somehow let the girl take over the initiative and I can just feel the attraction go down after. Sometimes it seems like it’s even a test, she’s testing you to see if you’ll allow her to take over or not. I think the girls do this subconsciously.

    Next up: Part IV, dealing with obstacles.

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    Is living with your parents a problem will they feel uncomfortable coming back

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    On always takking the lead: I hate it!

    I do make my own plans and do what i want, when i want, how i want it. And i don't ask permission to anyone. But having to take along someone and telling them what to do all the time, that really annoys me. Feels like I'm taking care of a baby - and I don't like babies.

    My last relationship was just like that: she relied on me to decide what to do, what to eat, what to buy - all the fucking time! It's one of the reasons It's one of the reasons I left her her. I like a woman to be able to handle her self and take care of herself, make her own decisions and stand by them. Yes, I don't mind to have or take control, but not all the fucking time!

    How does that fat into the above, or in game as a hole?

  10. this post is gold. Thanks. looking forward for part 4 - 5

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