Volume 110 How to Track and Maximize Your Progress - (Keychain & House)

It's easy to lose sight of your goals and become distracted, sometimes it's best to have a plan to develope and hone your skills to maximize your progress. Keychain and House give you everything neccessary to track and advance your game to the next level.

Tracking your progress is an integral part of dating and pickup and is overlooked far too often. Get ahead of the game by staying consistent with your strategies and understand what you need to maintain continued progression.

Some of the questions answered on this interview:

  • Why is it important to track your progress?
  • How should you track your progress?
  • What's the ideal balance of infield and theory?
  • What's the best way to deal with hurdles along the way?
  • What are some of the things that can potentialy lower your progress?
  • Why is it important to set goals for yourself?
  • How long does it take to get good at game?

Quotes From The Interview

"There can be alot of stress and anxiety caused by not understanding something but if you trust your natural ability you will progress and figure it out."

"For me journaling is where it started. It was really keeping track on how the night has gone, whether or not I met my own expectations and where I needed to continue working. Looking back through older journals I realized there were many many trends. "

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