Daygame Workshop Super Conference 2015: Vox, Labyrinth, Jasper, Hootie

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    Daygame Workshop Super Conference 2015: Vox, Labyrinth, Jasper, Hootie

    The daygame workshop was really eye-opening. Developing the understanding that approaching girls without being limited or constrained by the presence/absence of alcohol, the day of the week, or the venue is fantastically empowering. It felt like being handed some sort of new superpower.

    Everyone obviously enters into these workshops at various stages of game. Vox did a nice job breaking the daygame approach down into easily digestible tidbits that I think were helpful for everyone. It becomes pretty apparent in the field that there are much fewer variables to contend with (e.g. lines at the bar, wing-women, loud music, etc.) during daygame, making it possible to do be mindful of a fewer number of salient points when approaching.

    It was nice that over the course of two days, we were all able to compare and contrast the styles of 4 different instructors. While the fundamentals of body language, subcommunication, social intelligence, masculinity etc. are always present, each instructor brings a slightly different flavor to his approach, providing the students with the opportunity to compare/contrast styles and to adopt different aspects of each instructor's approach that may be more or less compatible with that particular student's self-image.

    I really felt like I grew quite a lot over the 2 days of this workshop. I met some really cool and motivated fellow students I hope to stay in touch with. I'm looking forward to continuing my growth at home.

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    Day game to me was always nerve wracking. Fortunately, these people have taught me a lesson that day game can be just as fun as night game.
    What's more, unlike night club game, you only need to do few things right to be good at day game. These instructors will help you break down these things into pieces
    for you to get good. Walking out of the workshop, I have developed a habit of approaching girls in any situation without hesitation.

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