Disclaimer: I did watch Braddock's video on College Fundamentals already

First week back at SDSU! I started that first day with a bang. Sorry there will be a lack of background information, but I will address some of my progress and how I got past some obstacles. I found a two set that had the same parking permit dilemma as me. We agree to go to Parking Services, I lead the way. I use peripherals to see how uneasy they are walking with me. I joke, I tease, I get silly. They're still appearing uneasy, so I just focus on making my Instagram caption while walking, they were still following me so there was no rush to escalate the situation. One of them has to leave. Alyssa continues to walk with me. I sense she's hardcore shy so I address it. She mentions that she just met me so of course she's shy. I sense her level of discomfort despite my high positive energy. I take pressure off and just continue thinking of my caption. I even include her in the process to help me think of one, walls break a little, but guard is still up. We wait in line and it was going to be for a long time. She still seemed guarded, so I opened up the people around us. OLD SCHOOL TACTIC, IGNORE THE TARGET AND GIVE OTHERS ATTENTION. The people around us were around my age and were a lot less shy. BOOM I HUBBED THE FUCK OUT OF THAT!

My own little party where if one thread died, I can open a new one with another person and cycle through all of them as the social connector. Alyssa finally became comfortable and at ease with me, but I had already lost interest because I liked the other people better, but I still gave her attention every now and then in line, then found out from her Disneyland bracelet that she had a boyfriend. I keep the cycling going until people start leaving. I number close another girl, Shruti with the seed of Salsa Club. I am practicing Social Circle Game so it was fucking hard NOT to pull the trigger. If I'm going to get good at this style, I have to make a sacrifice somewhere. I kept the hub engaged with fun energy comprised of a rollercoaster of teasing, relating, disqualifiers (EX. omg this is not going to work out/can't be friends) cold reading, and genuine curiosity of who they are. The situation with Alyssa showed me that some girls just need that comfort and trust before they are receptive. It's a high pressure situation for them too, so good thing I can emphathize. It was frustrating to watch her body language, but I stuck with it and found her "Blue Print" or at least some of it.

The rest of any cold approaches that I did were mostly making small chat from situational openers and simply saying Hello while walking next to them. I normally don't practice opening this way but damn the girls open. Once opened, I give the same roller coaster of fun. I emphasized this a lot because I tend to not do this in my cold approaches because I either get blown out before I can or I get so caught up in how closed off they are. I love it when I get to express me and push my own buttons. So all these small chats reveal to me what I should really be aiming for in an interaction: BEING THE FUN GUY AND SPREADING IT (not dancing monkey or entertainer, but someone who can give her a range of emotions) Really simple stuff, and literally the first thing I learned when I read game in high school, but over time we get lost in all the numbers and dates that we forget such a fundamental rule. So I'm embodying this all over my week: in my labs, classrooms, and people walking next to me.
----Tabeling to advertise my Salsa Club really dug in the point that people have different needs that require being met before they can be open. I heard so many "I can't dance" and "It's not for me" excuses that day from students walking by. Once I told my underdog story of years of martial arts training and coming into dancing with a completely empty cup, a lot of declines turned into "I'll try it out then" It also helped that I would give them a sample of Salsa and dance with them for a few seconds (girls literally have to just follow, the guy is really the one who has to know his shit) Of course some No's were hard No's. But this day taught me a lot about empathy and relating.

Again, I am not going direct on anyone, but experimenting how strong my man-woman frame should be for social circle game. I am definitely sensing that I can turn it up more. I would definitely want this to become a part of me, in other words my identity. To be that fun, flirtatious guy. I'm doing a shit ton of situational openers like walking through a bunch of plants and saying "Oh fuck, it's like Jurassic World in here" Tall blonde opens and laughs. Boom, I proceed with " Hi, Who are you?" I'm also practicing a small routine....wait holy shit, did I just say ROUTINE? Oh lord someone call the PUA gods and exile me for I have sinned. When I shake their hands, if they give me a weak handshake, I go "Oh I can tell from your handshake you must be shy when it comes to meeting new people...blah blah" If it's a firm handshake, substitute with "you must be a confident and outgoing person when it comes to meeting new people". Then I just practice trigger words and multiple threading with whatever we milk out of that routine. So in ending of how my cold approaches have been on campus this week, this is how they've been, not our traditional daygame approach.

This is still new to me. I haven't able to express myself like this in the longest fucking time, but thanks to all that time cold approaching and looking back into my old resources, I feel like a stronger PUA than when I was in high school. Shit just flies out of my mouth a much higher rate than before. Girls feel less pressure and open much smoother. Now, I have noticed that there are sets where I will have no choice, but to go direct and go for broke. It's hard to be both farmer and hunter, but I will learn to become a hybrid of both. In other news, at Fashion Valley I opened 3 sets with 1 number close which was from a foreign Asian chick. The other two girls were married and the other was a mixture of me unable to steer around obstacles and time limit. There was a cute girl who almost dropped her pizza and she caught it. I made a comment and I let her walk by. Frustrated that I let that on go. Well, that's why I'm setting aside time to hunt as well smile emoticon

In conclusion, I do feel a little scared to go hard on social circle because I don't want to be the guy with all the friends in the world, but still be left with blue balls. I shall continue embedding man-woman frame and experimenting with more techniques. This FR was very technical and this is just where I'm at in the journey. I've built a strong foundation in just doing it as I go, but I reached a point where I would be reaping more benefits if I put more tact into my game. If you guys have any advice on social circle game, I'd appreciate your wisdom. I got 4 semesters left, I could use a little speed in the learning curve.