Fader Bootcamp Review - Cleveland, July 2015

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    Fader Bootcamp Review - Cleveland, July 2015

    Do you believe in luck? I do. I'm talking to this hot engineer who thinks otherwise as of now, but I'm holding my ground. I'm fucking lucky, and I know this, because I grew up in a city where the best instructor comes to play. I somehow googled, "how to get better with girls." I then read The Game. I found myself devouring textbooks to feed a growing thirst for knowledge. I then find myself with enough cash and balls to entrust my future to a man I've only seen online. Here is my review.
    I was never gifted with women. Sure, I had some success, but I was no player. That is changing, and I am not lying. I can see the results. I feel the power. I understand the change. It's all due to working with Fader during a bootcamp.
    The guy is an instructor on steroids! He absolutely knows what he is doing. He's the kind of guy that you NEED to meet if you want to get better with women. Honestly, he's really out to make your entire life better. One of the best parts of working with him is understanding that he will help you through the emotional bullshit. He's been in the trenches, and he wants you to come out a hero.
    I'm sure most of you expect this from any instructor, but let me clarify something. Working with Fader is like getting the DVD box set with all the extras you can't get anywhere else. The dude has so many secret tips and tricks that he has accumulated through a decade of self-improvement that I dare not post any of them online. All I can tell you is that the absolute freedom you get from learning all of this from him is priceless. You come for dating coaching and you end up with life coaching.
    Until you actually see a master go out, entrance women, and do it multiple times, you just will not know what I mean. Pickup never seemed real until my bootcamp. If you did your homework, you realize that Fader's niche is strippers. Damn is he good. He was so interesting to these women that one started listening, had to dance on the main stage, and then CAME BACK to finish talking to him. You and I both know that he got her number.
    I feel like this review is long, but I could write all day about this. The man is an absolute delight to work with. He'll tell you what you need to hear. Everyone needs to hear something they don't want to admit. It's tough, but we're not here to relax. We're here to improve.
    Take it from me. I got lucky finding him. If you were actually convinced to take a bootcamp with Fader from reading my post, then you're lucky. I guess all you have to ask yourself is do you feel lucky? Well, do ya punk?

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    I went to attend the bootcamp in Cleveland this summer. First of all, Fader is a real expert in terms of female psychology, inner game, and attraction. During the seminar portion,
    he will tell you everything you will need to know to become a true pick up artist. I used to have a habit of using other people's lines and routines, which do not match with my personality
    and overall being. Fortunately, the bootcamp has nothing to do with faking outer game and pick-up lines. Instead, a great portion of it focuses on self-development that is useful not only
    to pick up beautiful women, but also to be a man with attractive personality.
    In terms of infield, you can see him gaming not only regular hot girls, but also super hot bartenders, who are not expecting anyone to hit on them. Fader has a very deep foundation
    on how to meet and attract girls who are hired by their looks. In his workshop, he will help you uncrack the cheat codes of attraction.
    Bottom line: he is not only good at pick up but also good at teaching. He hopes his students to be successful. Make sure to take good notes when he talks and do the homework afterwards.

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