Fader Bootcamp Review - Washington, Aug 2015

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    Fader Bootcamp Review - Washington, Aug 2015

    Worth it! Having taken bootcamps from other companies in the past, I came into it with certain expectations and I can honestly say Fader met and exceeded them. From the amount of time spent (in seminar and field), the effort put into it, the shear amount of information conveyed, the level of individualized instruction, to his willingness to help you with your development afterwards, Fader definitely gives your moneys worth (and since price is what had been keeping me from doing an LS bootcamp earlier, feeling I got what I paid for is extremely important).

    As an added bonus, even though this was a regular three-day bootcamp, Fader threw in a tremendous amount of knowledge about gaming strippers (something he is particularly passionate about and good at). Both nights, after the in-field portion of the night had ended (and technically his obligation to teach us) he spent an additional hour+ taking us to the strip club and showing us these techniques in action. And I can say, first-hand, they work! I personally watched him game a stripper (who seemed disinterested at first) and get her number. Frankly, I found what he had to say about gaming strippers reality-altering as its almost completely opposite what Id previously thought (for example, youre actually better off gaming in the strip club as opposed to outside of it since they really prefer to mess with guys they meet in the club. It can be embarrassing for her to tell a guy she meets outside the club that shes a stripper, so shes predisposed to guys who meet her who already know what she does). Im definitely going to incorporate this into my overall game and its not even information I expected to learn.

    Its obvious hes spent a lot of time teaching this; as the instructor whos taught the most bootcamps for the company, he had tons of information to give/experiences to relate (the seminar portion is loaded with material, both from LS and his personal observations/experiences) and was helpful with any questions/sticking points I had. If youre going to take a bootcamp, I definitely recommend you do it with Fader. Ultimately, the success of your bootcamp, and your life afterwards, is up to you, but he definitely puts you on the right path to getting there.

  2. So prior to taking the bootcamp plunge, I had two overriding and linked questions. 1) will it be worth it?; and 2) who is the instructor?

    First, Fader is a legit good dude. He’s extremely sharp, and is an excellent teacher. His knowledge of game and human psychology in general is very impressive. In seminar he made sure that we understood each of the concepts before progressing to the next one. Additionally he backed up all of his assertions with books and references to actual psychological research, which I thought was very important and helpful.

    During the infield, he expertly demonstrated what he discussed at seminar. He also got us immediately involved opening and progressing through our sets, all the while making sure that we maintained our state. He identified our weaknesses and ways to improve. (I had some brutal “Boston Bro” openers that he pointed out, and was failing to number close even when I had her. Both issues are seriously remedied. Thanks dude!)

    It wasn’t part of the scheduled bootcamp, but he was more than willing to demonstrate his stripper game, and it is downright ferocious (in an awe inspiring way.) Watching and listening to him apply the principles of developing attraction, qualifying, and simply dominating the frame with these pros was a tremendous learning experience. And not only did he nab her number, but she started texting him right back. If you are interested in gaming strippers there is definitely no better person to teach you.

    Simply put, Fader goes above and beyond expectations, and does what it takes to get you to improve. He even lays out a post-bootcamp process to make pickup a habit of your life.

    So yes, it was definitely worth it. I just wished I had jumped on this 5 years ago. It was an eye opening experience. Grip it n rip it boys!

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