BPD stripper and planning out a new learning experience

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    BPD stripper and planning out a new learning experience


    I am a male, mid-30s, no kids, stable job, never married, six figure income, and I have been familiar with and utilizing the material placed on this board and its predecessors since 2001, so I have a decent, but rusty, foundation. Let me preface this by saying I acknowledge that BPD and HPD girls should generally be avoided if at all possible due to the destruction they can bring into your life.

    I am 4-5 months out of a 7 year LTR that ended, so I am currently re-calibrating my game, getting back in shape, etc., which mainly consists of a standard LTR breakup recovery plan focused around me and not going back/taking back the ex-girlfriend ever again.

    Right now my main goals, relating to chicks, is to burn through as many as possible in order to get my inner and outer game as cohesive as possible and to maximize every potential positive outcome with as many girls as possible. Additionally, I am not against going through negative experiences in order to learn from them and to never make them again, since I believe it gives me a firmer foundation in life overall with a more broad set of life experience which are both filled with positive and negative outcomes. One of those goals is a legit stripper pick up.

    Anyways, around 2 months ago, I went to the titty bar with friends, and found a stripper there and got a few dances from her and we started engaging in decent conversation, flirty, etc., but overall typical money vampire behavior, and left and went home.

    Fast forward two months to this last Monday, and I went back for the first time in a two months with the same group of guys, and she was dancing on the center stage, went to tip her, did the whole I remember you conversation and she did as well, or pretended to at least, and told her to come by at some point. Sat down and got drinks, she came over and sat in my lap, and we started talking again, but this time she seemed a bit more genuinely engaging than the last time I saw her two months previous. I figured she was sizing me up for money, but she was started to give up more personal details about her life and she was surprised that I remembered some of the details she told me a few months ago.

    From my conversation with her… I learned that:

    • The relationship with her “real” mom was bad and there was some mistreatment issues of some kind, but the relationship is overall strained.
    • Dad abandoned the family, and was never heard from again.
    • She doesn’t like infidelity.
    • She doesn’t like prostituting herself out on a cash for sex basis (no I did not ask for it),
    • Has 2 kids, and the father of the kids likely abandoned her and the family.
    • Lives in an apartment, which she was very private regarding which complex.
    • She relies on an “adopted” mom who belongs to a very strict odd-ball Christian sect to watch the kids, but the “mom” would disapprove of her chosen profession.
    • Her family does not know what she does for a living.
    • Learned her work history.
    • No higher level education.
    • Various other odds and ends.

    After gathering all that information, my gut instinct was to categorize her as likely having borderline personality disorder and privacy/trust issues, and is, therefore, to be regarded as a high-risk target for problems.

    Anyways, fast forward an hour, a number of dances, and $120 later, it was time to go home, and due to the fact that money had changed hands, I was not going to ask for her phone number to put myself in an odd position for a girl to attempt to use me financially outside of the club. Anyways, two of the guys that I was with work at a bar, which her and her friends frequent every Tuesday and Wednesday generally, she was asking if we were going to go, and she said she was definitely going to be there as well on Tuesday night.

    Tuesday night comes around, I went to another bar/club else with another friend, and my other two buddies went to the bar she and her friends frequent, and they randomly met up with her there and she was asking specifically where I was and for me. Normally, we drink from 0200 til 0600 three to five days a week, so after bars close my place becomes a gathering place for all our local alcoholics. They invited her to the after hours gathering, then called me at 0230 in the morning when I was on the way home to let me know she was going to be there.

    Once I got home, I greeted her, had good conversation, good eye contact and body language, kino started, some country music was on and she wanted to teach me how to dance to that, learned her real name, got her phone number (which I think is a throwaway or passthrough number of some kind but can still receive texts and such), there was another girl with her briefly who left suddenly, and I started to pick up possible lesbian vibes from them, but the stripper stayed til 0530ish. Ended the night walked her to her car, hug, that’s it, which is fine. At least, by this point, the 6 stripper likes you criteria were met to some degree.

    Next night, Wednesday, I went to the bar that her and her friends frequent and randomly ran into her playing pool, and she told me that the other guys invited her and she wanted to know if I was going to be there, and I told her yes, I will be there because it is my place. Proceeded to do my own thing til closing time.

    At around 0200, I left the bar, texted her to come over, and she did. Once she got there pretty much the same routine went on, good conversation, good eye contact and body language, kino, some more dancing to country music, she was following me around if I left the area, or if I motioned for her to follow me she would do so, etc., but she was still stingy with some of her private life related information for whatever reason. Additionally, she didn’t seem to be actively looking for cash or money related things either.. and made no overt or subtle mentioning of it as well.

    Close to 0500, she was going to leave, and I told her to follow me to the kitchen, and I went in for the kiss and was denied, which consisted of her literally moved her face towards her left side to actively avoid it. Since it has been nearly a decade since I last experienced such a denial, this one had me a bit perplexed given the positive ques that I thought I had been picking up.

    At this stage of my life I have multiple girls in play, and there is no oneitis present in my life. My lesson from this is screen better, build more comfort, maybe take a bit more time in the future, etc. Anyways, I would like opinions relating to how to maximize my learning experience from this point forward in this given situation before cutting it lose or it leaving of its own volition. She still responds texts, but they are not enthusiastic, detailed oriented, or anything special. I may be dealing with a possible bisexual or lesbian, likely BPD stripper with trust issues, but who does not seem to be actively seeking out cash or money at this given juncture… and she knows that I have it.

    I am open to your positive or negative feedback, options, opinion, etc., but mainly want to develop an action plan to close the deal or take it in that general direction, if it is possible, otherwise it is time to cut walk away from this one, which is fine as well.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Filteringreality View Post
    After gathering all that information, my gut instinct was to categorize her as likely having borderline personality disorder and privacy/trust issues, and is, therefore, to be regarded as a high-risk target for problems.

    Anyways, fast forward an hour, a number of dances, and $120 later, it was time to go home
    lmao you sound like a robot. this got me laughing thank you.
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