So I met this HB8 at my neighbour's dinner party.... How do I proceed

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  1. So I met this HB8 at my neighbour's dinner party.... How do I proceed

    For some reason I keep re-writing this post, so I'm just going to lay down the facts and you guys tell me what you think....

    Two days ago my neighbour (male) hosted a dinner party for a few people in the neighbourhood... Nobody really knew each other going in, except for the two couples that showed up. Otherwise, we were all strangers. One of those "meet the neighbours" kind of dinners.

    Anyways, I ended up meeting this HB8 and we ended up chatting on and off throughout the night, flirting, IOIs, the whole gambit, while careful not to make my interest in her too obvious in front of the group.

    Over the course of the night people started to leave until it was just me, the host, and three single chicks, (including the HB8). The other two were decent but nothing to write about.

    Unfortunately, there wasn't anywhere to isolate the HB8 and in the end, at around 4:30am, we all ended up going our separate ways. (Note, the dinner party started at 7pm). Fast forward two days later and I sent her a msg on FB (I never got her cellphone number), which I'll disclose in a minutes but just to give you some background:

    For those of you who don't know, Turbot's a type of fish. She brought it up multiple times and raved about how good it was. (I've had it and I can tell you it's not bad.) Second, she told me a story about the two times she was approached by a couple to do a threesome... (She said 'No' both times).

    Me: "Hey [HB8], soooo my partner and I were wondering if you'd be available for a threesome this weekend? doesn't pay anything but there will be all-you-can eat turbot."

    Her: Hahaha sure time and place?

    Me: Orgy starts at 8pm sharp, this Saturday at my place. Password is "rumplestiltskin". Dress Slutty"

    She hasn't responded yet to my last message. I just sent it a few minutes ago... My question is: how would you go about converting this into a 1-on-1 i.e maybe drinks after work? Lmk what you guys think.


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    And did she reply by now?

    I think you could do just normal - callback humour, recreate some attraction and tell her you want to meet for drinks. Why make it more complicated than necessary?

  3. You just need to wait a few days and ask again. But remember this is a numbers game and you may not be able to get her without alot of work.

    I will give you some critique on the text message... You made the joke and callback humor and she laughed, but then you beat the same bush and took it again too sexual. She might have been somewhat taken aback. "Orgy" and "slutty" are a bit too strong here. She may not like thinking about herself as a slut in any shape or form ( I've had bad reactions to that word even during sex so I stay away from it ).

    Just a thought...

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    Ya, you went from joking around to being serious. Plus it's kind of a weird spot to start from again. I would drop the role play completely. Blame it on booze and simply ask her out. If she says no or isn't helpful put her on the back burner and meet more women.

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