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    10-Day Bootcamp Review

    The 10-day boot camp at its core has very little to do with game. Okay, thats part of it, but more the icing on the cake. Consider game a vehicle through which personal growth is achieved, primarily the masculinity element. As one instructor recently put it to me, Tony Robbins does the exact same stuff for you as simplified natural game does (this makes me want to attend one of his workshops one day), but without the getting girls part. And as men, thats denying such a core part of our natures.

    Every day we have approximately 5 hours of seminar. The first few days, the topics are mostly game related, but to their simplified natural game curriculum. Other things are added later, such as fashion, fitness, and day game. The idea is to round us out as a man. Were divided into various smaller groups for the nights out, even though were all together at the venue.

    We got 5 nights out with focused coaching. This is really where the value lies. Half the night you have a Love Systems instructor by your side. If theyre not winging you, theyre watching you and giving your detailed feedback. You get it that night, as well as the next day in the debrief. Sterling, the program head, gives everyone super detailed feedback the next day, as he basically spends the night watching everyone.

    All the instructors are awesome. They really care about their jobs, and want the best for you. They all have incredible game too. I hope to get there someday, but even if Im half as good as they are, Id be super happy. I came out of the 10-day bootcamp knowing the mechanics. Now its on me to practice.

    A word of advice to other potential Love System clients. Ive taken several bootcamps before. Not only are they unnecessary if you take the 10-day program, they also hold you back. There are a lot of mechanics (i.e. lines and routines) that limit you from fully taking advantage of simplified natural game. Im now breaking free of this, and have never been happier.

  2. High caliber program

    * What makes someone attractive?
    * How do I become attractive?
    * How should I approach and talk to women?
    * How much "funny" or "pushy" should I be? What's the right combination?
    * Should I share intimate details of my life? Do they even care? When and how do I open up?
    * What parts of myself are affecting my performance with women and life in general?
    * What do they like, what's hot for them?
    * What's an ideal relationship all about?
    * What's an ideal LIFE all about?
    * What other ways of living are there that I never explored?
    * What's the greatest, most passioned life I can have?

    These are just some of the questions I got an answer for in this program. In a way, I knew most of the answers from experience, it all made a lot of common sense, but this is a great MODEL to explain everything: what makes a conversation great, how to move forward quicker than you think its possible, what makes a guy attractive and so on. Once you understand the model, everything is much simpler and natural, just like the name of the program says.

    It's a "quick start" on life, I think everyone should learn this at around 18... At least I would have wanted to get this kind of education back then, would have save me a lot of trouble, instead of half-learning by "trial and error" for so many years. These guys tried everything, succeded and came up with a great model to explain it, so that it can take you a hell of a lot less time to learn it.

    This was the first PUA program I have ever done and I must say I ended up quite impressed. It was one of the best of any training programs I ever had. The amount and quality of material is just unbelievable. It was exactly what I was looking for.

    I was expecting the program to be more about women, tricks and lines, than about ourselves, but luckily for me, this was right up my alley. I come from the Neurolinguistic Programming school of personal development (e.g. Tony Robbins), so it turned out to be the perfect program for me, everything made a lot of sense, as it is focused on being a better, more complete, more masculine guy, which I think is much better than just focusing on getting attention from the opposite sex. That's just a by-product, a consequence of being an attractive guy.

    If you know nothing about personal development, then even better, this will open up your eyes to many really important stuff that will help your overall performance and happiness in life. I'm specifically talking about the "Inner Game", the way you think about yourself, others and the situations that happen in your life. We had a whole day just on this and let me tell you, if you never heard of it, your life will change, and if you have, this will reinforce what you already know.

    The contents of the program include:

    * A simple yet powerful MODEL for great CONVERSATIONS that lead to sex and great relationships very quickly. Once you understand it, you'll see you probably have been doing the model in past relationships, and now you know why it worked, and that you can actually implement it on EVERY girl you meet, inmediately. It might not come out of you naturally with new girls, but that's up to you to practice, you now know the "What" and the "How".

    * Sub communication: we all know our body talks louder than our words, so you gotta get this right. Plus, when approaching a girl, touching and escalating it's a must.

    * A great explanation of MASCULINITY, why it matters, and how to reenforce it in your life. It also talks about what masculinity is NOT about, which is also very helpful, to make a difference between "trying" to be masculine and actually just being.

    * The INNER GAME: how to feel good about yourself and things things that happen / happened to you, so you can become more confident. 80% of everything that happens is just in your head, so you better get that right.

    * 5 nights and 1 day going out, trying things and getting feedback from the instructor.

    * The chance to see the instructor in action. That really helps out. Plus, his overall life looks pretty much like what he teaches, so it can be quite inspiring, as in, "I want THAT shit too!"

    * Great concepts and examples about texting, day game, relationships and sex.

    Aaaaand a lot more. I learned so much and many of the concepts I had about women and relationships were reinforced, while many others were shattered.

    Some of my insights:

    * In the past, I would talk to unknown women in a very different way I would talk to women I know, or girls who are in a relationship with me. That's a mistake. If you talk to them as if you knew them forever, if you just assume familiarity with her, as if you were already her boyfriend, then they buy into it and everything moves forward very quickly.

    * You can have a deep conversation very quickly after meeting someone in way that's attractive and helps your game. I was already doing that, but way into the relationship, not after just meeting someone. I've been trying this out, and yes, it's awesome, they feel a connection very quickly.

    * You can talk about sex very quickly too. You can communicate her directly that you're not that interested in a serious relationship and that you are very open with sex and won't judge women her at all... that really opens her up very quickly. I was just starting to go out with someone back home right before coming to the program, tried this with her over Whatsapp and it worked like a charm, she's can't wait for it to happen now.

    * You've gotta mix a bit of everything in your conversation, quickly taking each kind of conversation a step further into sex, to open things up. That's basically the basis of the conversational model and it does work really well and makes a lot of sense.

    * Conversation is more important than looks. That being said, looks helps, especially at first sight and for your confidence and masculinity, so I'm planning on doing the fitness program included in the bonus stuff and improving my fashion.

    * For girls, going out, guys, relationships, everything is mostly an emotional experience. You give them the right mix of emotions, you've got them on your pocket.

    * Girls are actually open to be approached everywhere, anytime. Not all of them of course, but there's quite an interesting percentage of them who are. They are very used to being approached and so, if you've got game, they'll notice that difference and open up to you.

    * Masculinity is not just about taking the lead and deciding things, as I thought. It's a way of being that you can just "feel" in yourself or see it on other people. And it comes from your experiences in life. If you get more exposure to masculine experiences daily and confront your relationships by taking care of people in a masculine way, you will feel with more masculine energy and people will feel you too.

    * Being good at this is just a matter of knowing the basics, developing the skills and practicing a lot. That's pretty much it. Wish I realized and commited to it much earlier in life, I would have had more options and fun, outside of my social circle.

    As for the instructors, Sterling was quite articulate and very good explaining the essencials in a language we could all understand. He was also great at reading people and giving them a precise feedback that's gonna help them move forward.

    As for the program, overall, you can tell there's a lot of work behind their theories because they took the complexity of human interactions and came up with something simple and elegant that perfectly explains everything. It makes so much sense and is well above any "quick fix".

    I read "The Game" and know there are lots of tricks and lines out there, but I think this is the real deal and the direction the industry will eventually take on. Getting better with girls can't be just about memorizing a bunch of stuff, it has GOT to be about being an attractive guy and a better person in general.

    I think "game" is a great way to push your limits, to grow and improve in every possible possible area of your life, to get MORE from life. Getting laid is just a great motivator, not the end goal of life. And this program gets it right, so it won't just help you get laid, it goes beyond that.

    Is the program cheap? NO.

    Is it worth it? YES. I would recommend it to every one, no matter where you are in life. If you can pay for it, GO. If you can't right now, save up some money, like some guys in the program have done, it's worth it.

    Is it everything you need? Do you come out of it picking up all girls easily?

    NO, it depends on where you are in life, how good your social skills and your personal development before you came here.

    If you were already quite decent socially and specially with girls, then yes, this will probably give you that last bit you needed to pick them up easily, it will unleash the power in you very quickly.

    If that's not your case, then you'll have a perfect quick start that will save you months or years and a pretty clear understanding of where to go from there, so you can get there in a few months.

    To improve your game and your life after the program, you might need to work on yourself emotionally, physically, develop a few communicational skills and practice a lot. There are no free lunches in life. No program will do for you what you need to do for yourself. But this one will guide you there.

    It's not just about getting girls. It's about making something amazing with your life. Being an amazing guy you can be proud of. Then the rest will follow.

    To anyone out there reading this review and wondering if it's worth it: fucking do it, you won't regret it. I don't.

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