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    Mastermind with Vox - AWESOME

    I've now done 3 months of Mastermind with Vox, and it has been absolutely the best. I've seen more major improvements in my game these past three months than I ever did going out by myself over the past 1.5 years.

    I signed up for MM because I was getting an obscene amount of flaky numbers during daygame. When I did get solid numbers - which was extremely rare - it felt like it was because of luck or coincidence, not because of solid game. The final straw came earlier this year when a girl eagerly added me on Facebook while in set, only to cancel the friend request immediately after I left. That HURT. After 1.5 years of this flakiness, it was clear that I needed help. What I had been doing clearly wasn't working, and so I signed up with Vox for the MM program.

    Vox patiently worked with me to refine my daygame skills. He is extremely professional and courteous, responding to emails promptly and delivering very helpful phone consultations. He helped me break down my sets, helped me realize what I was doing wrong, and gave me pointers on how to proceed. In a sign of a good teacher, he varied the way he taught. Sometimes it would be hinting, other times by giving an example, and yet other times when I was really stuck by straight up telling me what to do.

    And it has worked. In my most recent approaches, I've gotten three solid numbers that I know I wouldn't have gotten prior to the MM program. In another set, some guy tried to interrupt us, but the girl promptly blew him off and stuck with me. And so on.

    In other words, prior to MM I did a large amount of approaches and barely got anything tangible. Most recently, I've done much fewer approaches but gotten more solid numbers than I ever did before. No, this is not a coincidence. I'm getting results now because of Vox's help.

    So if you need help with your game, I can highly recommend Vox. He has helped me immensely in just these past couple of months, and I know he has effectively helped others as well. If anything, I only wish I had signed up sooner with him so that the past 1.5 years would'nt have been such a waste for me.

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    Thanks for the kind words.
    It has been a pleasure working with you. You've put the effort in and have a great attitude to this stuff which has helped your progress.

    Keep it up and you'll definitely reach your goals!
    Vox - Love Systems Instructor


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