Fader Bootcamp - Orlando, May 2015

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    Fader Bootcamp - Orlando, May 2015

    I took a bootcamp with Fader in Orlando earlier this month..and if I could summarize the entire experience in two words it would be Beyond Incredible!

    Fader really puts all of his effort into making sure he gets all of his points across and that we understand. The amount of info he poured out in the seminar session was pretty amazing. He really cares about the students learning and even put in extra time to make sure he got all of the info out to us. He listened to and answered all of our questions and made sure to explain each point fully. I had an outline of the bootcamp coming into it, but still wasn't exactly sure what to expect..Fader exceeded all my expectations and then some! He wanted to ensure we understood everything..I had a decent grasp on game coming in but Fader filled in all the holes for me, and even wrote out an equation for game which pretty much blew my mind! He told us not to have a scarcity mentality and to believe that is ALWAYS ON..these are two things I need to continue to work on, and I send Fader messages about these which is probably starting to piss him off but I really do appreciate it, thanks dude ha.

    In field, Fader was simply amazing! There was a girl he got attraction from immediately and could have pulled that night, but he stayed on course and continued to help us open and transition. There were sets I opened and didn't even realize he was watching and when it kinda fell apart he would come in and talk about it. He also literally pushed me into a couple sets to open which I still really appreciate ha. After the bar scene we ran street game, which that whole concept kinda blew my mind. It was pretty awesome!

    Overall, 10 out of 5 stars for the bootcamp! I really do appreciate all of the effort Fader put in to making sure we got everything possible out of the experience. I really can't say thank you enough for everything, it really did and continues to mean everything to me. I know I just need to continue the exercises he gave us and continue to approach and practice and everything will continue to get better! Thanks again for it all, and thanks for putting up with my random bs sometimes ha, it was a great experience I will never forget my entire life, cause it's already started to change my life for the better!

    Still waiting for police horses though lol!!

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