Fader Bootcamp - Washington D.C., May 2015

Fader is a great teacher and mentor. He's patient and also very good at explaining all aspects of the game, and more importantly the psychology and mindset to successfully meet women and become a better man. A few things that I personally took away from the bootcamp were his talks on identifying what my beliefs were, forming positive habits, his seminar on inner game (which is huge), setting goals, and female psychology.

The infields were fun. It was a great experience going out as a group (students & instructor). Where I learned the most, is when I would approach a group of women, watch the other students do the same, and then watch Fader approach a group. Throughout the night, we would talk about our successes, where we went wrong in the interaction, and how to improve. Then we would go back and approach more women.

With the skills Fader taught me in the bookcamp, I approached more women from all different types of backgrounds, that I would never have approached without attending his bootcamp. If you have the opportunity, I would recommend a bootcamp taught by Fader. He will give you the tools to succeed.