Married guy saying hello

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    Married guy saying hello


    I am new here and from Europe - I dont speak english btw, so you will do some mistakes often.

    Honestly I really dont know what am I doing in these forums lol. I am married! But I feel the need to know that I am able to flirt with girls and make them wish me.

    My teen years through middle 20s were aweful and destroyed my confidence. I never was a catch for anybody and I never was the "cool guy" on any group, just the guy that you would enjoy to mock up ( I mean, make fun of me). For many reasons (not time to expose them here) not only my selfesteem was destroyed - and because of that I never had seduction skills - but I also crossed some shity depression for years. I am now a different person because of that, with very low energy and very low self esteem.

    So, I think that learning some body language and dealing with girls, even if I am not going to seduce, may help me in general in my life.

    At last, I need to add that I was able to seduce my wife a few years ago (btw, now I am 36) thanks to David Deangelo stuff. I used his ideas a few times with women, it was good to get the guts and walk completly alone in a nightclub talking to strangers. I really went alone to the clubs, thats weird now that I think on that lol.

    Anyway, the point is that I have some theoretical background, enough to know that I should not be a wussy, nevertheless I think David is outdated and some of his stuff was not perfect I think: being cocky and funny is not the best idea I suppose. But I should thank him because I was not so shy and had the guts to aproach some girls (and now one of them is my wife).

    Well, thats me. See you around the forum

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    hello there from one married guy to another I read some of deangelo's stuff was quite well and also used some in my opening stages but also used a guys named tyler durden look him up on you tube he has some good stuff it sounds to me like your need some inner game help with aspects towards you life in general your marriage your work etc well then you need to do some serious studying on inner game related stuff and if you can also find a inner game coach it would help as well remember just because she said I do doesnt mean that we threw in the towel so to say on this pick up stuff it only means that now we need to focus our attention on one special woman and always work on making sure she know that she is the only one if you have time read my intro it will help you understand where i am coming from.
    Remember the saying the grass is greener on the other side is only becuse its been watered more, you want your grass to be as green then get out their and water it man!

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