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    Quote Originally Posted by 327ren View Post
    EXACTLY. I wish this would finally be addressed by some of the REAL experts in this forum. I would, in particular, like to see a REAL LIFE example of a guy who is not sexually attractive yet scoring left and right. Seeing is believing. Please, no armchair quarterbacks posting here, I know what you guys have said, and I know that game is 50% talking your way past the girl's rejection mechanism. But suppose your looks are such that, while not classically ugly, you are just not "sex material"? Suppose this is insurmountable? I want to hear only from you Intrigue, not the armchair QB crowd. Is a 6+ going to sleep with a guy who looks weird or "off", or just not sexy? How much of this is reversible? And why does online dating not work? I think there needs to be an example shown of a guy who looks bad but who has mad game before I am satisfied.
    Sean Stephenson's wife hits back at internet bullies who say he can't satisfy her in bed | Daily Mail Online

    He may not be scoring left and right (actually who knows how many maybe attracted to him, he's a damn great motivational speaker that i got to know through Mystery) but you can't be worse than him ?. I can't imagine how many hurdles he would have to go through just to live kind of a "normal" life and he's happy than most people i know. I really like him but if a guy like him can get laid, do you think looks really matter ? oh and there goes your looks excuse as well. Plus, believe me you like to think that seeing someone else your age getting laid a lot is going to change your perspective but its not, you are still going to come up with some bullshit excuses.

    Anyway, i actually wanted to ask [MENTION=134395]Intrigue[/MENTION] for some help since he's offering.

    1. The hardest part for me has been approach anxiety, i got over it but after i got out of the game for a few years (5 to be exact) it is back and it has been getting harder to overcome AA now, also due to the fact i don't have my wing with me anymore who helped me the first time around. Any advice for this ? What i can do to overcome my AA being solo, and nope, can't have a wingman....my friend who helped me the first time (who's a natural) is in a different city and my other friends are not as motivated to cold-approach women even the ones who are good with women (through social circles) so it has to be solo.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by job20 View Post
    The same people who think that looks matter also think that being well dressed using body language will get them great results.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    I can't understand why with all the LS material he has at his finger tips that he still believes looks matter.

    Because we read studies and trust scientific evidence, especially when there are like hundreds of studies coming to the exact same conclusions?

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    All these studies repeat the same scenerio.

    They dont portray the club environment.
    The same studies prove that global warming is occuring but nothing could be further from the truth.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by job20 View Post
    All these studies repeat the same scenerio.

    They dont portray the club environment.
    The same studies prove that global warming is occuring but nothing could be further from the truth.
    "Same scenario" ? Incorrect. There are studies with photos, but also speed dating. Science also shows that physically attractive men not only get more and hotter girls, but they receive more promotions, get more respect, more friendships and are threated better by society overall. All due to having more healthy quality genes.

    Arguing agains this is to portray oneself as a religious nutcase arguing agains evolution. The scientific research done on physical attraction is HUGE by now and only a rationalising fool would say looks dont matter.

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    [MENTION=227104]DanEinsen[/MENTION]. Hay man, I bet you've never done a LS bootcamp nor have done any approaches at all. Is that right ?

  6. Quote Originally Posted by job20 View Post
    [MENTION=227104]DanEinsen[/MENTION]. Hay man, I bet you've never done a LS bootcamp nor have done any approaches at all. Is that right ?
    No, that is incorrect.

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    Hay DanEinsen, which part is incorrect ?

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    I don't think psychological studies hold as much value or as as accurate as studies performed in the hard sciences (even though people tend to lump the two and pretend evolution and global warming don't exist, and vaccines cause autism *facepalm*). Psychology has many variables, and people don't always act in real life as they would as part of the study. Also, just because there is a correlation, it doesn't imply causation. It could be that people who have high confidence and self-respect take better care of their bodies, but attract women mostly due to their confidence and self-respect. It also doesn't meant that YOU as an individual can't attract ONE decent looking girl to be happy with.

    Anyways... No one is saying that looks DON'T matter. They just aren't the end-all when it comes to pickup.

    When I am writing in red, it's as an Attraction Forums Admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.

  9. Damn, seems like the reality denying has creeped into love systems forums aswell. First it was RSD, now you guys seems completely out of touch with reality denying basicly thousands of scientific proven studies aswell. I just cannot take anyone seriously who does this, you gotta seriously lack experience with women if you do not agree looks make it a HELL Of alot easier for a guy, have you even had any girlfriends? You dont think girls have eyes no?

    Im out of here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tank View Post
    That's what we've been saying all along.
    It's like some guys just want to hear what they want to hear, see what they want to see. For example, I have heard all time from instructors about the steps below. Never saying looks don't matter but it's not the ONLY thing. So I listen and I write it down and apply..

    Like these here...I'm working on...

    1) Approach more women. Be more aggressive than other guys with this. Exposure therapy to overcome anxiety. Lack of inner game, self esteem issues.
    2) Go to gym and to train body and look good with what we got
    3) Maybe save money to get teeth sorted too. (this I am doing too)
    4) Have some fashion sense. Instead of looking like a tramp, a creep.
    5( Invest in learning the game.
    6) Start focusing in building a social life, find passion, interest and go where lots of people have same interest
    7) Focus on target place so other owners, bouncers, waitress, workers know oneself
    8) Finally, one so many fail in. Trust the process. Do 2 years aggressive, consistent approach and learn what to do. As learning process first but deep down, must don't. They really DON'T believe. You can see it in their actions, chasing two-three-10 girls and that is all they talk about again and again, and again and again. Such guys didn't believe in process.

    They can have all help in world, they don't trust the process. They don't believe and it's all attention, victim, yearning to feel important, nothing but attention. Then they vomit on everyone else with their bs negativity and we got to tolerate that crap. Maybe in forum, but not in my social life out there.

    So many things one can do and looks is just one thing and we miss all these out. That's why I like the title "Magic Bullet." It's like a slap on face in a sense for people who think there's one thing, one step, one secret to succeed in attracting attractive women.

    Granted, if one hasn't looks it will be harder but then like everything in life I found it works when I then play harder, work harder, be more aggressive, build bigger social circle, do something that most good looking guys and average guys with so much baggage won't do.

    AND stop talking shit, garbage to myself, like my brain is some dumping trash can. As if we don't have enough of poison in world, words, images, social conditioning, we also add more crap and kill ourselves slowly with poisonous words.

    I always say to myself, "Rocky, apart from looks, did you do EVERYTHING you can with what you got and what's in world? Answer.....NO. If I am honest and if others are honest they'd also say...NO."

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