Phone Consult with Savoy

So, yesterday afternoon I was fortunate to have a phone consult with Savoy.. I have been getting into game now for the past 8 months, and went to a boot camp and the Infield Intensive. And I had several questions I was stuck on.. First one was how to go out and game solo during night game, he told me how to just relax more and not worry about opening everyone when you start. If uncomfortable go about using indirect and situational before developing confidence to go more direct.. and if all else fails and if you have nothing else to say...Just say Hi.

I also had a question regarding day game and after I get numbers and having women flake out and not answer. .. He basically said I need to spend more time in the sets and get to know the person, and or try to go for an instant date.

I've been having a lot of success in other areas doing night game and day game and this stuff really helped me isolate some of the areas that I need to improve, including using social proof to my advantage.