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    There's this one guy at my office that's really working hard to prevent me from rising in the social circle of my office. I recently watched Braddock's Social Circle Mastery DVD and decided that I wanted to implement it in my life. One of my main social circles is my job, and I saw that it would be pretty easy, and seemingly not damaging to expand my social circle there, and rise up toward the top of "the tree." I work at a private International school in China, there are about 15 people in my office, and 15 in the office next door, mostly young, American, Canadian, and Chinese. The girls are hot, and the people are chill.

    I have a bunch of friends, mostly Americans and Canadians that work there, but I was hoping to expand my social circle into the Chinese girls that work there too for obvious reasons. There's another guy in my office, kind of a clown, but physically attractive. He's not too respected by the other guys in the office, and he doesn't have many friends at the school. I am (was?) his friend, until he started trying to cockblock me every time I talk to an attractive girl in the office. He's obviously feeling threatened by my efforts to build a bigger social circle.

    This guy has a girlfriend in Brazil, so he's real sketchy about his intentions with the other girls in the office. It seems like he wants to be the top dog, but isn't interested in developing any types of relationships with the girls (sexual or otherwise). He only heavily flirts with them when someone else shows interest in them. They respond to both of us, but I know that this guy is only acting like this because he feels threatened.

    Any advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Plucky Purcell View Post

    Any advice?
    When he cockblocks yah, what do you do? Tell me exactly what you do when he does that?

    Personally, if a guy does that, approaches as I'm talking to a girl, then I don't give him attention. I turn my head not my full body, look at him but not in his eyes - turn to girl and say, "Sorry about that. You was saying? Oh yes..."

    That way girl sees you in control, you focused on her and not on the ape who is insecure. He hears you apologised for his lack of social intuition. He's the one now with the screwed up social behavior not you.

    But know, that office, job kind of thing, can be difficult at times anyway. So think hard if you want to game girls at your work place. Or you want to rise up in job promotions and do it that way, indirect- way and be his boss/manager one day. Hahahaha.

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    PS...see the Social Circle Mastery again. Part 2, From 16:55. About dealing with Alpha dickheads of a certain group. Watch from the...Domination part and onwards i.e. Domino Effect etc.

  4. Thanks. I think I'm shutting him down, the other guys don't really like him either, so with me against him he won't have much clout in the office. It's like he's not even interested in the girls, he's just interested in being better at attracting them than me. Whatever. I'm pretty much doing what Braddock described with the pendulum effect in SCM. I'm polite but not friendly, and when he's around, I'm out (sometimes via headphones since I work there). To be honest, it's been a pain in the ass, worrying about this dick when I should be putting my energy to better use, but I work there so I have to follow through.

  5. Damn, turns out that this guy has narcissistic personality disorder, and getting involved with him in any way was a big mistake. He's made my life hell since I last posted this. Luckily I finally figured him out, so I know how to avoid most of the craziness now, but this shit is hard core. Only three weeks left before I move on to a better job though, so I'm almost there. Watch out for personality disorders...antisocial, narcissistic, borderline, these people can fuck your life up. This experience has really taught me not to run social circle at work, or basically anywhere that I can't easily remove myself from. Live and learn...

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