Vox mini-seminar in Copenhagen

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    Vox mini-seminar in Copenhagen

    This is a review of the mini-seminar given by Vox on Feb 13 in Copenhagen, Denmark. He covered three main topics in his seminar: inner game, practicalities of day game, and humor.

    Vox’s presentation on inner game was especially good as it showed a nice understanding of the inner game struggles that a lot of guys go through. He didn’t simply say, “Man up!” or anything simple like that, but rather took the audience through detailed reasoning of where bad inner game usually comes from and tips on how we might get pass that. In my opinion, this was the best part about his seminar, in part because inner game is the bedrock of everything, so I appreciate that he spent a lot of time on it. His presentation on humor was, predictably, pretty funny. In between the laughs, Vox gave us general tips as well as specific routines that we could use right away.

    So how is Vox as an infield instructor? From what I saw, damn good. The day after the seminar, Vox took out a student for several hours of daygame instruction, and I met them at the end. This student had said that his sticking point was number closing. Well, when I met them, this guy was beaming: he had collected something like 7-8 numbers. Whatever Vox did, he got this student over his sticking point.

    I got to hang out with Vox one more time, before he left town. This is when I got to see him approach with my own eyes. I always pay careful attention to these demos because I want to know: do these instructors really have tight game? In Vox’s case, the answer was yes. Even when he couldn’t pull the number (usually because the girl had a bf), the sets were clearly solid every time. And when he did get numbers, they were real. In several cases, the girls were texting him almost immediately.

    All in all, I’d say that Vox is one of the more underrated instructors. He doesn’t have the same notoriety that other LS instructors have, but Vox was a very personable guy, his daygame is tight, he clearly cared about his students, and he did a good job teaching. Can’t ask for more than that.

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    Copenhagen Mini-Seminar with Vox

    I was in attendance at this seminar and for the infield session as as an intern.

    The experience to have a top LS Instructor come to your city, deliver seminars, go infield and demo for you, AND to go out with and hit the town at night was flippin' amazing. The seminar was dirt cheap at $60.00 and the infield included afterwards was really really inexpensive. Some guys immediately got in on that and the results they saw in only a few hours was amazing.

    Besides an introduction to Day Game and some Inner Game topics - what I loved most about the seminar was how Vox broke down how all of what is done in Love Systems is really universal in the western world. There were many at the seminar, and myself included many months ago prior to the seminar, that fell prey to some limiting beliefs about approaching in the day time in countries where people are not as openly social as they are for example in maybe the USA. Some major light bulbs went off during that weekend that have really transformed my game.

    There was a special tag on at the end of the Seminar where Vox covered State Based Attraction. This was a real treat as it was a seminar in itself which was only given at last years Super Conference. This is something my game had really really lacked. The ability to shoot the breeze so to say, to put a humorous and funny spin on everything and anything. A lot of my game before this point was intrigue based.

    Now we will talk about what I loved most - and that was the infield. Dave took a few of the guys out after the seminars, and after some demos and coaching these guys were killing it. At night I began to watch Dave like a hawk trying to take everything in and to work on what we talked about. The state based stuff worked immediately especially when we were meeting the younger girls. The next few weeks I started practicing this stuff immediately even going out a few times alone to try it out. Great results.

    It was my first time seeing Vox out at night, and it was awesome. The value for the seminar was unbelievable. Definitely jump on these mini-seminars if they come to your area. I know just for myself I got a DG Lay that week from an approach with Vox, two make outs that weekend, got eye-fucked by a gay guy, and I even got slapped with a dildo at a goth bar.

    Seriously what more could you ask for in a weekend?
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