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    After SC I got a deal for Mastermind the month after. I thought it would be something I'd just try, but It's been a great way to keep focused and be held accountable for your success with LS.

    Dan's been great with getting the most out of every phone call/text/email, being flexible and giving the personalized advice and feedback that can truly move you forward in the right direction.

    I'm glad I got the deal and suggest you sign up if you need a push forward.

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    Thanks bud, It's been great hearing your steady improvement every couple weeks. This is why I got into this.

    I'm glad you touched on how MM keeps you accountable, for guys reading this think of a MM instructor as a personal trainer for your game. Basically we hold you accountable for going out and the personalized advice we provide keeps you from wasting time on ineffective techniques.
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  3. A couple months ago I took a day game intensive. Awesome experience.
    We went through a bit of theory which Dan broke down into a few easy steps. We did a couple of run throughs before hitting the streets and getting started.

    Dan creates an environment in which you feel like each approach doesn't need to go perfectly, but that you’re there to learn, and this really assisted in me approaching and finding out straight away that it’s usually a positive experience. With consistent, personalised feedback after every set, I got more and more confident and I realised that I had approached more girls than I ever thought I would. Got a few numbers as well, something I’d never done before.

    I came away with a proper wake up call to the possibilities, and more self-awareness as to what I need to improve on. If you’re hesitant at all about getting started, the best thing to do is just start… Sign up for a boot camp if you feel you can improve but need that extra motivation. You won’t regret it.

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