Non-Pick Up skills that helped you/are attractive?

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  1. Non-Pick Up skills that helped you/are attractive?

    Hey guys

    Are there any skills or hobbies that you have, or would suggest others learn?
    That woman find interesting or helped you in some way.

    For example playing an instrument, etc.

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    Hobbies - I could rattle off all the ones I do or have tried but to make it easier, simply having hobbies that YOU are passionate about is attractive. The point is to make it relevant to them in an interesting way, talking about the size of the turbo's and how much boost your running on your car is boring to them BUT telling them how you went for a drive and the power of the car pushed you back into the seat, as the adrenaline surged through your veins, your heart pounding as the world flashed by, gives them an idea of why you love it.

    Same with interests, do what you love- then make it cool and interesting to them and bring them into your world - let them feel your passion for it.

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    Agree with the previous. You shouldn't be looking to take up a hobby or interest just because you think it'll make you attractive to women. That's the wrong way to create a lifestyle.

    If you're looking to build a lifestyle, do things for YOU, not for others. When you do things for yourself and they're things you're passionate about, then your communication about them is what draws people in.
    You can have the most 'amazing' hobbies but if you're not communicating in the right way then you still won't necessarily be seen as that interesting.
    Show a girl WHY you like doing whatever it is you like doing and you're onto a winner.

    I wrote a 2 part article on building a lifestyle: Building A Lifestyle Pt 1 and Building A Lifestyle Pt 2

    The second part of your question was any skills that would help. Well there are things that would improve your communication skills with women. Such things as:

    Some sort of dance - Salsa seems to be the de facto choice for a lot within the community. It'll get you comfortable interacting with women physically and leading

    Improv & similar - will get you used to coming up with things on the spot and working with what you're given

    These kind of things would aid the skill set of meeting women but remember what was mentioned above...take on hobbies that interest YOU and do it for yourself!
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    I would prefer good workouts. Girls always like good bodies and handesome boys )

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    Go to the gym and lift heavy ass weights.

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    While lifting weights is good (i'm a big fitness nut), I also like to cook some mean food. This could give you many avenues of a conversation, and you could also have a cook night with a HB. Also, knowing how to cook and clean will make you look dependable and not just focus on the woman cooking. I've been told many times that a guy knowing how to cook and clean will get more bed time :P

  7. I've had many hobbies. I've pretty much tried out everything.

    Guitar. Comedy. Improvisation. Meditation. Golf. Basketball. Gym. Tarot Cards. Poker.

    Plus, I've got friends who have tried out more. Magicians, Swimmers, Painters...

    I've come to the decision that hobbies don't matter. If you don't have the right manly attitude, you won't attract a woman. You can have two musicians, like Mick Jagger vs (the guy from def cab for cutie)... who's pulling more chicks?

    Mick Jagger for sure.

    The same with actors. (That guy from Juno) vs Brad Pitt

    Brad Pitt for sure.

    They both have the same career. But they are both severely different on their level of attractiveness. So we see that IT IS NOT ABOUT THE HOBBIES AND IT IS NOT ABOUT THE CAREER. It is only about your level of masculinity.

    Hence, you can do whatever you enjoy.

    Personally, I love going to the gym and working on my health. Yes, it makes me look more physically attractive, plus it is sociable, plus it has the right sort of people with the right mindsets, and inspiring people. And it gives me something to do with women, as if they are into fitness too, we can cook together and work out together - so it becomes a common activity we can do. (Something essential in a relationship).

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    Whether it's playing an instrument, dancing, cooking, sailing, working out, martial arts, repairing things or repurposing them - put the time and energy in to be proficient at it, find people who are into it, and if they're not helpful, you can always go on social media and message boards and find someone who will be helpful. Sometimes I'll go to a library and gravitate towards something that gets my interest.

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