Fader's Stripper & Hired Guns - Las Vegas, December 2014

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  1. Fader's Stripper & Hired Guns - Las Vegas, December 2014

    Dear Love Systems, please upgrade [MENTION=527]Fader[/MENTION]'s title from Master Instructor to Super Instructor. FADER IS AWESOME!!

    I learned many invaluable life hacks aside from game. One is go good I give it a whole paragraph in the end of post...

    BTW @LS_Fader has golden nuggets of strip club inside info to die for. I wish I followed years ago. I'm glad I do now.

    1. Value for money.

    Most value is in infield. First night 5 hours at least (was stuck in 4 hr set myself and stayed later) instead of 4 hr promised.

    Second day 11 hr instead of 4. 11!!!

    I'm booking the next one with Fader in March now. Too good to pass plus it fills up way early.

    2. Problem resolution.

    Tell him what you're stuck on and Fader will get to the root of it and give you advice/tools/hacks to fix it. He's so good it's scary. Walking physiology X-Ray machine.

    3. In field feedback/help.

    A TON of it. Believe me you need it. Spearmint Rhino will have 100s of model quality 95% naked dancers, most are hardened professionals that crack average guys intentions in under a minute, walking around on any given night. Very hard to game no matter what your level is. And Fader is there to make it manageable for you.

    Oh yeah, the life hack I wrote about in the beginning. I had a sticking point having a drink with every long set and getting too liquored up towards the end of the night. Told Fader about it. He gave me a hack. Very easy to implement. Was drinking all night the following day ( 11 hr ). Maintaining just a little buzz. Not once felt drunk. In sets almost entire time. Most were a lot of fun. Problem solved. Since I signed the NDA can't tell about it here. For all the good stuff call Fader or see him at Bootcamp.

    And he discouraged me from pulling kinda milfy Hungarian coke head dancer who was down for an after party. Good call. Better judgement than mine at 9am.

    Thank you Fader ( you the best always ), [MENTION=211973]House[/MENTION], [MENTION=205132]Nick Hoss[/MENTION], [MENTION=126101]Gil Rio[/MENTION], [MENTION=221650]Nick Savoy[/MENTION], everyone else in LS!! With your help my life is awesome.

  2. Bottom Line: If you’re intermediate to advanced and want to have success with the most beautiful women in the world, take this workshop from Fader. He’s one of the most experienced instructors at Lovesystems, he’s coached ***insert some gargantuan number*** students. He knows what he’s doing and how to teach it, especially Stripper game.

    Side note: If you think about this for a minute, this is actually an amazing skill to have. You walk into a strip club with the most beautiful women in the world. They’re experts at getting money out of guys like you, yet you flirt with her, teaser her a bit, and walk away with her phone number. I got at least 6 or 7 phone numbers from strippers during this workshop. And I’m not talking fake numbers. These were their actual phone numbers and I was texting them the next day. This is an amazing skill to learn.

    Some quick highlights of what I learned/benefits of the seminar:
    How to tell when the environment is in your favor: Stripper game is way more complicated than regular game, and there are a lot of external variables you don’t control but can really influence how well you do. This is somewhat similar to “how many girls are in the bar/club?” They’re more complicated and less intuitive in stripper game, but easy to ID once you know what you’re looking for.

    Thin slice: Most women form impressions of you very quickly, and this is hugely magnified in a strip club.

    Direct infield feedback (from Fader): Self explanatory, and absolutely invaluable.
    Approaching is hard for women too: Strippers have to open guys, or they make no money. And after approaching women for years, it was enlightening to see how painfully obvious it is when someone is trying to push themselves to open and doesn’t.

    Tons and tons and tons of examples for every concept that was introduced. There’s a difference between “you should tease” and “here’s 10 different teases you can do, and here’s which ones work on which type of girl.”

    Really understanding the ‘why’: Fader’s read 100’s of books and can backup what he’s talking about not just with words and extensive experience but actually cites books written by (literally) psychology experts.

    Number closing: Learning how to number close a stripper in an environment where she’s working and has a high likelihood of forgetting who I am really improved my number closing skills in night game.

    The biggest benefit for me has actually been how all of these skills and experience have translated into picking up normal (but beautiful) women. Just having been exposed to this, I’ve gotten a lot more confidence, been more focused, and have more clarity than ever before. I mean, when one of the hottest women in the world is sitting on your lap, and you turn the tables from her trying to give you a dance for money by teasing her, making her laugh, and telling her engaging stories, and then walk away with her number……….approaching and flirting with a beautiful girl who’s fully clothed, whether it’s in the club or in the mall, becomes unbelievably easier.

    If you’re serious about getting the skills to dating the most attractive women alive, this course is a must to take along the way.

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    But hard when it is only ever taught in the states. the rest of the world is ignored. Basically it seems the attitude/frame is "if you can't make it to the usa for whatever reason, then haed luck, you have to go without doing the course"

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    yes so awesome he can't even take it outside the USA and serve the rest of the world esp people who can't go to the states. Very shelfish

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