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    House - San Francisco Mastermind

    Anyone on the fence with the mastermind program should immediately sign up. I've been two two bootcamps (Fader, Hoss) and both were awesome experiences - I believe I have some reviews up on this site. I have to say, that the mastermind program has been an AWESOME investment. I did not know House before , but I have to say he continues the great tradition of great LS instructors. I recently got out of a LTR and decided to get back to my roots- house has been fantastic to communicate with (always fast to reply, always positive) and honestly, I've gone from my "afraid to approach" phase to approaching hot girls FAST (day and night wise) as a result of talking with him. I have some issues, but he's been more than gracious explaining how he has the same issues, what to work out, etc. He will call you out of your BS, but if you are honest with him you have no better man in your corner.

    If you get a chance, work with him. PM me if you want more info on him!

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    Beat Approach Anxiety and Progress Rapidly

    I recently decided to stop relying on okcupid and start cultivating the skills and confidence that would enable me to approach attractive women during the day. I read Magic Bullets and Daytime Dating, tuned into a free LS webinar, and listened to a handful of interviews from the Interview Series. I learned a lot but knew that the best way to solidify and improve upon that knowledge...was to get out and practice!

    I also knew that I would benefit from external accountability and expert feedback and thus dipped my toe into the water of live training by signing up for one month of Mastermind Lifeline. During my first phone consultation with Gil, we reviewed daytime approach technique and decided upon some modest, short-term goals. But, as it turns out, I underestimated just how crippling approach anxiety can be - I couldn't progress beyond the functional openers I was using to warm up.

    I promptly upgraded to the Mastermind Wingman package - I knew some live, in-person training would help me beat my approach anxiety and begin achieving the results of which I knew I was capable! One afternoon with Gil and Mike got me out of my head - and got me results! Not only did I have a blast - I came away with several phone numbers and some great stories to boot.

    Fast-forward a few months and I'm now dating a gorgeous, incredible woman. I highly doubt I would be where I am today without the benefit of Mike's feedback and advice. Mike (and Gil) are the real deal - working with one or both of them will accelerate your progress rapidly. Both are accomplished, highly intelligent, and just downright good people. I cannot recommend them too highly.

  3. Master Mind with House

    Iíve found the LS Master Mind (MM) program to be very helpful and worth every penny. When I entered the program, I was dating a girl, but I wasnít 100% sure I wanted to stay with her. To make matters worse, I wasnít entirely sure why I had doubts.

    Through the MM program, I was able to determine what my concerns were. Iíve been working with House and Gil for in-field training. Also, Iíve been listening to monthly webinars on various topics. One of the webinars was hosted by Savoy. Savoy discussed that the unknown can be fatal to a relationship. If a person doesnít know what else is out there, it is harder to commit to someone else. I realized that this was the position I was in.

    House and Gil helped me determine what else was out there. I wanted to make sure that I had options to make a deliberate choice and wasnít settling. Through the in-field sessions with House and Gil, I had lots of positive experiences. Over the course of 4 months, I got over 20 phone numbers and went on over 10 dates. Ultimately, Iíve decided to continue dating the girl I was with. Through the MM program, there is a lot less unknown for me which has strengthened the relationship Iím in.

    House and Gil also practice what they preach. House and I were practicing day game one afternoon. After my 10th approach of the day, I needed a breather and suggested House make an approach. I also wanted to see how good his game was. We went into J.Crew and he got digits from a hot 23-year old blonde. I listened to the entire conversation while I pretended to be shopping for a sweater about 2 feet away from him. House has been seeing this girl for the last 3 months.

    Gilís game is also solid. House, Gil, and I were out doing night game in San Francisco one Saturday. Gil met a couple Swedish girls on the way into the city from the airport. He invited them out with us, and they showed up. Both were in their early 20ís and very attractive. We got them back to Houseís place. Gil and I isolated and got them into separate bedrooms, respectively. We both moved things along pretty far. At one point, the girl I was with remarked that Iím older than her mother, but it turned out not to be an obstacle. This is one of many reasons that I find Gilís game to be so effective.

    The MM program also helped improve my relationship with the girl Iíve been dating. House has been my primary coach. We check in by phone every two weeks to establish goals and discuss sticking points. Then, we do one day of in-field training each month. House helped me realize that I wanted to spice up the relationship with the girl Iíve been dating. Then, he helped me achieve this goal. Through his advice, I was able to bring this desire to the girl Iíve been dating in a way that didnít offend her. Ultimately, Iíve been able to partially achieve my goal.

    Now, the girl Iíve been dating and I go to sex clubs on a monthly basis. By being patient, advancing the ball a few yards, and communicating, Iíve been able to get her comfortable enough to do sex acts with me in the sex club while others have been participating in orgies literally at our feet. Further, the sex clubs have made our sex life more exciting and kinky which has further strengthened our relationship. I havenít yet achieved my goal of having a threesome, but I donít think that it is out of the realm of possibility now. I never thought that this would have been possible, and Iím certain that I wouldnít have gotten this far in achieving this goal without LS and Houseís advice.

    The MM program further helped strengthen the relationship Iím in by making me more attractive to the girl Iím dating. Iím more confident in everything I do. This is based on the ďabundance mentalityĒ and multiple approaches that House demanded I do on a weekly basis. Without his pushing and positive reinforcement, I donít think I could have achieved this.

    Additionally, the MM program is just plain fun. Once your approach anxiety goes down, the interactions that you have with women are very interesting and often hilarious. Also, the other guys in the MM program are all fun to hang with and are very encouraging. At the end of an in- field session, we do a debrief and there are always at least 3 hilarious stories that are told.

    Iím very pleased with the LS MM program and would recommend it to anyone who has the desire and time to work on improvement. It is much more than just dating advice. It truly is life coaching which will improve all aspects of your life. Make sure that you have the time necessary to devote to improvement. To get the full benefit of the program, youíll need to independently approach about 15 women each week. If you can fit this into your schedule, then you definitely should join MM.

  4. 1 on 1 with House

    I did the mastermind program with House and it was a great experience. He pushed me into 25+ daygame sets in one day, and honestly without his motivation that number would probably be 5 or 6. He was always close by without the girl knowing which was great for feedback, which he gave a ton of. A lot of instructors dont really care about you. I mean , they would probably be happy if you did well but wouldnt really matter to them if you didnt. House is not one of them, He genuinely cares about his students. A huge plus is that we talked about a lot of tangential stuff during the daygame; some related to game and some not. It really felt like I was roaming the streets of San Francisco with a friend and it helped remove a lot of anxiety. He also knows a lot of stuff and is extremely specific about his feedback , which really helps with working on your sticking points. I highly recommend anyone in San Francisco to do the mastermind program with House.

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    MasterMind with House

    What can I say. [MENTION=211973]House[/MENTION] is F'ING phenomenal! This guy breaks down your game like a doctor and diagnoses exactly what you're doing right and what needs work. He definitely pulls no punches or sugarcoats anything, but he always does it in a very respectful and more than that friendly way. In addition to being a great teacher, he's also just a lot of fun to be around. He also definitely will push you out of your comfort zone, but as anyone who has made any real progress in this will tell you progression is impossible without stepping out of your comfort zone from time to time. He also stays there with you and helps you along the way while your taking those scary steps and shows you that they weren't as big of a deal as you may have thought they were. When it comes to me, earlier in the night I was starting conversations well and generating a decent amount of attraction. After a few pointers from House though, I was necking with different girls on the patio outside the bar and on the dance floor. In addition, when it comes to gaming in San Francisco his encyclopedic knowledge of the city makes him the perfect instructor to show you around. I guess the simplest way for me to sum this up so that anyone can understand it to say, if you roll with House you WILL get your moneys worth! Best of luck!

  6. House is Amazing!! Let me repeat, if that wasnít clear House is AMAZING!!. He had a live saminar on ďSexualizing the ConversationĒ!, and boy did he have some pointers. After the seminar he had an offer to go out and do a deep analysis on our strengths and weaknesses when it came to presenting ourselves to the opposite sex, for whatever the goal might be; one night stand, bonding relationship etc. Heís analysis is pretty good, and the cheery on top; heís just a cool guy to hang around and have a beer with. That says a lot about the person, more than just what they can help you with, knowledge wise.

    Iíve taken the 3 day bootcamp before. House was actually part of that event, though we didnít really hang out then. LS has another thing I think would be more valuable to generally everyone looking into improving their presentation to the opposite sex, take the mastermind program. Its a long term program that will cost the same as a 3 day bootcamp, but will last 3 months. Long term mentorship is the way to go. If you live in CA, ask for House. You wonít be disappointed!

  7. I can't say enough good things about House. Every time I see this bald SOB, he cracks me up. I had the privilege of working with him about a year ago at a bootcamp in LA, and I knew right away that this is a guy that not only has really tight game, but is just a genuinely fun person to be around. He makes you feel comfortable every step of the way, but it's not all hand holding. He isn't afraid to push you to your limits if you need a fire lit under your ass! When we were out in LA, he had me telling girls that just entered the bar that I was the bar promoter and it was my job to show them around, and the girls actually bought it! I'm leading them around telling them stories about the history of the bar even though it was my first time there and I was completely BSing. It was hilarious! Meanwhile, House is picking girls up that he met two minutes ago and spinning them around, and they are loving it. Things are always more fun when House is around.

    And now he is running these $1 mini-seminars in SF, which are phenomenal. A dollar for a whole hour on how to sexualize the conversation? Yes please! And then you can go out later that night with him, and he helps you open sets and works on your sticking points throughout the night, which is then followed up with a 1 on 1 where he breaks down your sticking points and lays out plan to help get you where you want to go. All that for only 10% of what it costs to go on a bootcamp! Can't beat that. I don't just consider House a dating mentor, but my friend as well. I know that if I ever have a question, I can email him and he will be quick to respond. This guy and the programs he puts on are the bomb. If you are in the SF area, definitely take advantage.

  8. working with the House

    Hey brothers,
    I am new to this stuff, but wanna shout out a big thanks to love systems for having the House as my coach.
    My history was a bit brutal, coming out of a painful divorce, my self esteem and confidence was truly in the crapper, but beyond that I had never mastered approaching beautiful women, and courting them was just not in my mental belief system. My own limiting beliefs neutered my will to approach women. but in November, 2014 I said F--- it I'm going to try.
    i started the masters program, and I was really terrible , I scared women that I approached and then if they did talk to me they ended the conversation for me because i did not know how to move it forward or how to switch on their emotional desires, but I did not give up and Mike helped me take small steps forward , one piece at a time. Fast forward to Jan. 29, 2015, I am now getting phone numbers dating and got layed recently as a result of day game. Day game is my personal preference. I try to average one direct approach a day.
    it is not magic its the burning desire to change and the willingness to fail often, but you will get better and faster with professional help.
    I'm 62 and I have often got numbers from women in their 20's. it's not my focus or desire but its proof of women's emotional programming. After 3 months I think I'm at lower intermediate or upper beginner, I'm giving this a year, and i am excited about my future.
    Do i still get approach anxiety ? yes, but am i more confident and feel better about who i am, absolutely.
    So if your starting at ground zero like me, why waste time hoping things change ?
    and to my fellow brothers good hunting

  9. First, a little about me, and then my thoughts on House and his mini-seminar.

    I am not new to Love Systems. I discovered them around 2011, hung out on/learned basics from the forums and had mediocre success with women. I finally took a bootcamp in 2012 with Future Thompson in NYC, got into a relationship a few months after, and stopped working on this part of my life for 2+ years because I was comfortable. Then a relieving breakup happened and I was back on the market with very rusty pickup skills!

    Lucky for me, Savoy's marketing emails stayed on my radar over the years and the whole system was always on the edge of my consciousness. I always felt like I had a great lifeline when the time came.

    That time was a few weeks ago. I'd been getting updates from Love Systems on East Coast bootcamps, but I'd moved to the SF Bay Area last summer. So, I asked Nick directly to update my location preferences. And House was literally hosting a mini-seminar that next weekend! (Crazy/ironic timing huh? =)

    House was nothing short of awesome because he's JUST LIKE the rest of us. He spent a LONG TIME using typical guy-logic to attract girls (like the rest of us) and he finally realized he had to change his methodology if he wanted different results.

    He's become successful with women by doing the same thing any of us will have to do --- he GRINDED AWAY on the basics until he got a little better, and then a little better, and continues to work to improve himself. All while being WAY more successful than he ever was trying to "win girls with his resume" (his words).

    Oh and he's got a full time job (like the rest of us). So he's not some 0.01%-class mega-billionaire sitting around having strippers serve him drinks off their ass (well, not EVERY night anyway . Which makes his work among us dudes-looking-to-improve that much more valuable.

    If you get a chance to take a class or go out with House, ACT ON IT.

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