Appraoching Group Sets: The 5 Different Types of Girls

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    Appraoching Group Sets: The 5 Different Types of Girls

    You approach a group of girls and try to start up a conversation with them. Which members of the group of the group should you talk to?

    In order to answer this question we have to categorize the different members of the group into different colors: pink, green, yellow, red and black. I'll now explain each one:

    PINK: They are attracted to you. And this is obvious through multiple body-language indicators.
    GREEN: You've reached the hook-point: they want to talk to you.
    YELLOW: They don't want to talk to you but are polite about it.
    RED: They don't want to talk to you and are semi-rude about it. May potentially cockblock. Won't be compliant if given the chance.
    BLACK: They are rude: blatantly breaking social norms becoming social violators. Are likely to cockblock.

    So here is how to quickly categorize the girls into categories. The main things to focus on is their (1) body-language and (2) amount of words in response. Greens will give you positive body-language and unlimited detail responses. Yellows will give you a good amount of eye-contact and semi-detailed responses. Reds won't give you any eye-contact and their responses will be limited to only a word or two. Blacks will entirely ignore you, turn their back to you or walk-away.

    After talking to the group for only a few seconds, you will quickly identify which kind of girls you are dealing with. The first thing you want to do is quickly dismiss the potential cockblockers before the cockblockers dismiss you. Unless you've established preapproach value by flashing DHVs, most sets that you open up will start as yellow or red. The secret is to talk to the yellows MORE THAN the reds. This is done for a few reasons: (1) to create social proof, (2) to make the yellows jealous for your attention and (3) to lure them into a group conversation. Similarly, if there's a green in the set then you're better off talking to the green. But if you talk to the reds first then you'll create negative social proof which will turn off the yellows.

    EXCEPTION: When you're dealing with a pair of two girls you cannot ignore any one of them otherwise you'll get blown out of set for a few reasons. (1) The ignored girl will feel bored and insulted and may cockblock you out of spite. (2) The girl that you are talking to will have to cut the conversation short because she doesn't want her friend to feel left out. Alternate eye-contact between members of the group in order to keep their attention focused on you.

    Another important insight to realize when you're dealing with a group is that unfortunately: everone in the group has more status than you do. Why? Because you're the new guy while everyone else has already known each other for a while. You have to start at the bottom and quickly make your way to the top. This doesn't mean that you act low-status and kiss ass. But what it does mean is that you know you're place. Be careful not to ignore or be rude to anyone in the group or they'll cockblock you out of spite. Don't ask for too much compliance because you won't get it. Be cautious about being too bold with troll humor.

    Until you reach the hookpoint, you should keep plowing while focusing on self-amusement, asking occasional questions to avoid running a monologue and applying social pressure to maintain her attention. If you keep plowing eventually they all either leave or turn to greens. When you're dealing with blacks or reds, you have to use tactics in order to stop their rude behavior or they'll self-sabotage the pickup by constantly decreasing your value through their rude behavior (and you'll get blown out set).

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    Great advice! How would you make this work with mixed sets?

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