Simplified natural 10-day bootcamp--too much for newbies?

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  1. Simplified natural 10-day bootcamp--too much for newbies?

    A few questions:

    1) Is the simplified natural 10-day bootcamp too much for newbies? What kind of prep work is needed prior to such a bootcamp?

    2) When is the next one? Clicking on the signup page at 10-day-pua website shows only the one that has already occurred this past June.


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    1) To the best of my knowledge it's not too much, they will work with you from whatever skill level you're currently at. In fact it may make many things easier, there are less things you need to un-learn. I'm on my way out the door, but I will forward your question to the relevant people. Don't expect an answer during the weekend though. And you're of course welcome to contact the office, call them or send them a mail if you're not in the US, and they will call you back. The info is on the main Love Systems site.

    2) There is one planned in Toronto Oct 10-19 and Stockholm Dec 5-14. You can see the updated schedule here: Full Schedule

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    Hey bfar, sorry getting to this late. To answer your question we love teaching newbies the most. The clean slate that comes with someone new means there is 0 conflict of information that we have to worry about. We build you from the ground up in what we feel is a very strong way at approaching this stuff, and it's shown to have worked remarkable well over the last few years.

    The only prep work I'd suggest is being comfortable having conversations. And if you can be over approach anxiety before your program that's a plus too, but in no way a requirement. The 10-day is an expensive and flagship program, so you could honestly come in blind and come out of it in really good shape.

    You can always see the list of upcoming 10-days on PUA Training | Pick Up Artist | Love Systems: get better with women. We generally do about ~5-6 a year all around the globe.

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