Don't hang around with poisonous PUAs

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    Don't hang around with poisonous PUAs

    So I wanted to tell you my story about how I used to go out with a guy every once in a while, but then I noticed that he's poisonous for me.

    Let's wind the clock back half a year. I was in a bar and I opened a two-set but neither of the girls was too hot, but they were interested. They were going home because it was in the middle of a week and they had work the next day.
    I asked my former wing, whether I should try to number close or not. He said "mjaeh, don't know..." And so I thought that maybe it's pointless. Not that I care too much of others' opinions but still it I wanted to know. After five minutes he asked her number, although it was clearly my set and I did all the jobs. He got the number but on a friendly basis and thus he lost respect in my eyes.

    The beginning of this week, I met him again and we went day gaming. I met a former girl of mine that I gamed, I told him when she was in the toilet that she's still mine and he shouldn't try on her. He asked her number regardless of what I said. He obviously had no respect for me as his wingman who opens all the sets and finds the girls.

    Sure it's a free world and I don't own the girls and if he's more alpha (he isn't) so he has the rights to do what he want. However, I do not recommend to hang around with people like him.

    Have you had any similar stories? What do you think about this situation?


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    Find friends who you can trust.

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    forget him if he does that.

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    I had a nightmare wing and went through the same thing you went through. I open a 2 set of models and i tell him which one i am after. Then he closes the one i am into and starts sending weird txt to her. Then we had a fall out and he then says sorry and that he was in the wrong. We go out and wing again and he is this weird insecure control freak that is full of shit. We go on holiday and we are both into this girl. I tell him that if we are both into her then none of us can have her. He says ok. Then i decide to play it smart and keep an eye on him. He isolates her and makes out with her. I then decide that we are finished because of that. I then send him a nasty letter stay out of my face and out of my life. Since then things have been great dating hot girls, going out and have a good social circle of friends. I am now in the process of screening for wings but any BS like that and it is over.

  5. I had such a guy before. I did some dancefloor game with a different group one night, and I was attracted to this lady. Bumped into her again about a week later. Introduced her to my wing, and called dibs. He said she was attractive, but said that he wouldn't do anything.

    About 2 weeks later, right after I slept with another woman, he gave me a call and asked me if I was still interested in her. I said nah, I wanted to focus on the one I slept with, and that he is free to go for her if he wants to. He told me that thank god I said that, 'cause he almost made a move when they went dancing earlier. I thought nothing of it at that point in time, because I had already lost interest.

    But then, shortly after that, he started to exhibit behaviour that suggested that he didn't respect the boundaries set. Ever since then, I have not gone out with him. People like that are either unaware, or just plain selfish. Regardless, you don't wanna hang around them.

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    Don't hang around with poisonous PUAs

    The way I see it is like school. At first after having a bad experience with 1 or 2 PUA's I said to myself never again am I going to go out with wings from the community. I think about it now and it is just like school. There will be some guys you will get on with and work well together and other guys will do rubbish like that. It is trial and error to find the right guys that you will work well with.

  7. Well that situations would apply to anyone really not just PUAs, he sound like an asshole from the looks of it. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, fool me thrice then you are a just a freaking masochist at that point, so I'd say at least you now know never to hang out with him again. That's the best thing about life, you can cut off negative people from your life immediately.

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    Thanks for your reply guys! I like all of your stories.
    Tank though should know that sometimes people are not interested in going out because life is more than just game. It doesn't affect wingmanship...

    Otherwise an another poisonous PUA I know, blocked me in university when I opened a girl, he said I am a bad guy that she should stay away from me and she will notice why in a couple of weeks. Dufus... Well this guy used to be a PUA until he's been in a relationship for three years and they have barely sex anymore... Poor guy turned to be a beta male...

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    I have had this. This is why i now go out mainly solo and am very selective who i hang out. Had 1 wing do that and he was out of the door very quick. I am looking to meet up with different wings but any of that and i say see you goodbye.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kapz View Post
    I am looking to meet up with different wings but any of that and i say see you goodbye.
    The challenge with this mindset of "meeting up with different wings" throughout this thread is that it is inherently an approach that will breed competition. If there is no connection or relationship between two guys who are both hunting, the natural outcome is to compete, which doesn't help either guy.

    If you approach men as friends and buddies you want to connect with, whether on a superficial fun level or deeper level, then you'll experience a lot less of these poisonous relationships. It takes a lot more work than just asking a guy to come out and go to a bar or club with you, but in the end having like-minded buddies who push and support each other and build each other up rather than tear each other down is worth pure gold in terms of your growth and fulfillment. Find even one or two guys like that and you can turn going out from a chore focused on "sarging girls" into a fun night out irrespective of the outcome, which is how we best grow.

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