Which books/materials handle extensively teases / cockteases

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    Which books/materials handle extensively teases / cockteases

    Hi guys,

    Very happy to be a member of the community and I hope that I can tell some of my stories

    I have a huge personal obsession, which is teasing girls, or as you call them in the PuA community cockteases. Well, to be honest, this term is not the best one, as cock teasing in my understanding means someone playing with your cock and not letting you cum, but anyway.

    Basically, I can spot a tease from miles and what I like about them is the ultimate challenge of sleeping with one of them, especially because of the negative energy that I collect during the whole process - it all explodes and the feeling of satisfaction is amazing.

    So, after I have covered my obsession, I need your help. I have personally developed some own ideas during the years, but now I want to polish this area more and I am looking for materials on the topic. Can you recommend me something that focuses exactly on this topic?

    Thanks to all of you and have an awesome weekend!

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    Teasing is not a difficult art and you don't need much for canned material, but able to do trigger words that is humorous seems to be another important part

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