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    It's doesn't really matter what a girl thinks. It matters what she does, so just approach anyways. You should see approaching women as an open door rather than something handed to you. As long as you see an opening, just keep going as long as you enjoy the interaction and of course don't do anything stupid.
    I am still at a loss as to what to say that is situational. A girl goes from the treadmill to lifting dumbells and she has her Ipod in. Paul Janka says to interrupt that girl no matter what. What are some situational things to say when she is dressed skimpy and lifting?

  2. I never approach in the gym because when I go to the gym I tear shit up. I mostly do street approaches, college game, stores and malls kinda like Paul Janka.

    Basing on my own experience, its best to have "your zone" in an area sort of like a prop and Paul Janka did touch upon that as well where you feel the most comfortable in a particular area and when a girl goes within that area, she's basically within your territory thus you can deliver your approach with confidence. You're aim as you improve is to widen your territory (aka area of approaching with confidence)

    What I see some people do which is quite effective at the gym and someone has done this on me (a dude) is they implicitly declare themselves the expert at something. So what this guy was doing was he was like really good at doing deadlifts, so whenever someone (like me) goes in the area where people do deadlifts, he feels an urge to give them deadlift tips. I've seen him do this with some girls and I was like this dude's got shit goin. He didn't know how to escalate so it just stopped at giving tips but he's got the right idea. But anyways I didn't really talk to him cuz I was in the zone, and he doesn't have a vagina so my interest in him was limited.

    So basically my tip to you for approaching at the gym would be to establish a territory where you feel like you are the expert in whether it's the squat area, etc. and just natural feel the need to give people tips (within seeming obnoxious) when they enter that area. As for ipods, just catch their eye and theyll get the clue. If they don't notice you no worries, they are very annoying even on campus like seriously everyone has freaking headphone on.

  3. I prefer not to approach an attractive woman in a gym, for a few reasons, but if I see her leaving, then I'd do it outside if I had to, not inside.

    One reason is because I'm with a 24 hour one and these are usually smaller sized gyms, where if you go after 9 pm, it's mostly only guys who go. If I go from 5-7 pm, it's way too busy and you wouldn't
    be able to exercise much anyway.

    Another reason, is because if I approach while a girl is in the gym and she rejects me, I'd have to deal with the awkwardness of her or I still being around and/or seeing her again in the gym, on another

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    situational in the gym is easy....Whats that excersize working? That target your booty, im tryna grow mine too? You like it? .....See them doing multiple body parts...."whats your split, you working chest and back on the same day, thats a big load?....Idk im in the gym alot so I notice a lot of shit, most girls have been really warm to my approaches there, but like i said im there all the time and kno alot of people

    I would never give adive to girls lifting, ask them for advice, even if your jacked it makes them feel good, its douchey to give advice, while the girls love it and feel validated when you ask them for advice.

  5. Good question, dude. I think indirect openers are best for this type of situation, just use an observational opener or something.

    Also, swallow the black pill. At the gym, it's SUPER easy to pull girls if you're jacked. Just being jacked puts you in the top 5% of men, so work on that.

    Once you're jacked, it will be easy. You'll notice girls giving you IOI's left and right.

    Just use a simple opener like: "Hey, you look familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?" or something.

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