Fader Strippers / Hired Guns Bootcamp - Las Vegas, March 2014

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    Fader Strippers / Hired Guns Bootcamp - Las Vegas, March 2014

    Full disclosure: I'm a Love Systems Instructor and I consider Fader to be a friend. So you can form your own opinion as to whether I'm biased but I don't want folks to accuse me of pretending to be a student. With that said, I'll try to be as objective as possible.

    I attended Fader's Strippers and Hired Guns bootcamp this past weekend. There are a few reasons why I wanted to attend:

    1. I've never done much gaming in strip clubs and thought it might be a good skill set to add to the repertoire
    2. I figured that a lot of the advanced attraction tactics would be helpful when I'm gaming 9's and 10's
    3. This is apparently the last time that Fader's offering the bootcamp so I wanted to get in on it before it disappeared forever.

    The theory made the whole experience worthwhile in and of itself. I've helped out on dozens of bootcamps so I've heard the typical bootcamp curriculum over and over and I'd say that 80-90% of the content was stuff I'd never heard. What's key is that there's a lot of advanced attraction tactics he teaches on things like framing, tests, push-pull, etc. that we never have time to cover during a regular bootcamp. This is stuff that's so key if you're shooting for the hottest of the hot girls. I'm absolutely going to be incorporating a lot of this content into my usual repertoire when I'm out gaming (inside or outside of strip clubs).

    Of course, the in-field was mind-blowing as well. Fader's got a really unique style to doing in-field coaching in that he'll literally listen in on the set and then lean over and tell you (right in front of the stripper): "you need to be leading more, show more dominance and don't let her take control of the conversation". Seriously, the girls have no idea what's going on but you just run with it and course correct mid-conversation. It's awesome and it really helps you make quick adjustments on the fly.

    I'd gamed in strip clubs maybe once or twice before and never got anywhere. I'm not sure what it was but I had a lightbulb moment on night one when I just started leading the conversation and saying whatever non-sequiturs popped into my head. Some of it was completely random but it absolutely worked and I was able to short circuit the "do you want a dance?" routine and get into a few 30-40 minute conversations (which led to a few phone numbers). These epiphany moments come few and far between with game but it was the first time when I thought to myself "this is really fun and I think I can get pretty good at it if I keep practicing." Just an incredible feeling.

    Seeing Fader doing his thing with the strippers is amazing. On the first night out, I saw a stripper (that he'd apparently banged during the last bootcamp) come over and fall all over herself when she saw him (literally and figuratively). The girl was hot and a total shitshow and he'd say crazy shit to her like: "if I had to make a list of all the girls in this club I want to bang...you wouldn't be on it." She ate it up. We often talk about trying to be "self-amused" when gaming and I've never seen anyone put that into practice more than him. His goal when he goes out is to fuck around with everybody and crack himself up. It's fun to watch.

    If there's anything I'd change about the bootcamp, it'd be making some slight adjustments to the curriculum so that even more of the tactical stuff (e.g., lines, push-pull, tests, etc.) comes during Day 1. I think that'd help offer up more of a blueprint for the first night in-field.

    Bottom line is that it was an incredible experience and I'm very grateful that I did it before the stripper bootcamps end. I believe that Fader's doing a one-day Strippers and Hired Guns seminar after the Super Conference and then taking a few guys in-field. If you're thinking about signing up, all I can say is: you absolutely need to sign up and give it a shot! This is the last chance to take one of these and mine was an eye-opening experience that is going to have a permanent impact on my game (strip club and otherwise).

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    I had an amazing time at the Strippers & Hired Guns workshop this last weekend and cannot recommend it enough. Not only was it highly entertaining (the #FaderShow anyone?) and educational at the same time, but Fader is simply a superb instructor who walks the walk and teaches based on years of personal reference experiences at strip clubs.

    Highlights of the weekend for me:
    - 84 pages of notes in Microsoft Word
    - got 2 phone numbers from 2 different strippers Sat night at Spearmint Rhino:
    the first one was a tall platinum blonde with fake boobs
    the second one was a shorter platinum blonde, also with fake boobs (am I sensing a pattern here?)
    - stayed up until 11am the first night, 6am the second night and 9am the third night
    the lack of sleep was absolutely worth it
    - seeing Fader in-field was an incredible experience. This is the type of stuff that you pay a premium for.
    Fader has such a unique style compared to the other instructors that I've seen and yet his style is completely congruent with his personality and it was extremely educational to watch (and also highly entertaining).
    Everything you've heard about the #FaderShow is true and more


    • Direct, blunt, 100% honest feedback - Fader has a very direct and blunt way of teaching and giving feedback. A specific example would be the morning after the first night of infield when he went around the room and gave specific, very honest assessments of what everyone needed to work on and improve during the 2nd night of infield.
      Personally, I love this style of blunt feedback because I like to be pushed by my instructors when I am learning something and if I am going to be paying a premium price for it, I don't want to be coddled, I want real 100% honest feedback so that I can correct my mistakes and learn and grow as fast as possible.
      Most of us could use some tough love anyways.
    • Very advanced psychology - over the course of the weekend, Fader touched on a wide variety of subjects ranging from evolutionary psychology to the human brain to female psychology to stripper specific psychology
      These topics are not only extremely fascinating, but also highly crucial to success with strippers and women in general because when you understand the psychology behind everything that is going on/what you are doing, you understand WHY we talk to strippers the way we do or why women universally respond to certain behaviors, etc.
    • Checks in with you in-field - when we were out, Fader was always checking-in with everyone to see if we had any questions or if there was anything he could help us out with.
    • Personal stories and anecdotes - I loved hearing all the different stories Fader has collected over the years of teaching bootcamp and stripper workshops, and not only did he share many of them with us, but he also showed us pictures of strippers that he has gotten phone numbers from, text messages with different stripper girls, etc.
    • Keeping it 100% real - during the final day of theory, Fader started giving an emotional speech about the current state of his life and it was amazing to see him show a vulnerable, REAL side of himself that isn't sugercoated with all the "glam" and "glitz" of picking up strippers: it was Fader the real person, not the persona. I had so much respect for him for being able to share such intimate details with us.

    My final thought:
    During the workshop, Fader said that one thing he prides himself on is always over-delivering on his workshops.

    After this weekend, I couldn't agree more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lin J View Post
    stripclubs in san francisco blow. If you get 4 people I will fly out and teach the 1 day one If you get 3 people for the 2 day one I will fly out and bring that one out of retirement and teach you the whole course.
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    More like please do one in London as it's never even been done anywhere outside the states

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