Nick Savoy

Nick Savoy is the President of the world’s largest Dating Science company, Love Systems. He wrote the seduction “bible,” Magic Bullets, a staple for everyone, whether they’re fresh in the scene or a seasoned pro, who wants to learn or reference how to meet and attract women.

Savoy is the most knowledgable man on the Love Systems staff and, after years of training students on anything from the basics such as Fashion, Opening, and Seduction, to advanced topics such as How To Get Back With Your Ex, Love Systems For Older Professionals, and What To Do If She Calls You A Player, Savoy primarily focuses on instructor training and overall quality in the Love Systems company.

When he is still involved actively, he is running the annual Love Systems Super Conference that happens in Las Vegas and the very exclusive Playboy Mansion program. For special situations, Savoy offers One on One training and phone consultations with advanced students. You can also check out his personal blog, The Real Savoy, and he posts on The Attraction Forums regularly.

Nick Savoy is also available to be reached on his Facebook page, his Twitter, and has many videos available in the mainstream media. Savoy is also the creator of main Love Systems materials such as the Magic Bullets Handbook -- The Seduction Bible and the Love Systems Routines Manual.

Savoy also has a generous list of Interview Series including Natural Game, Female Psychology, Cold Reads, Advanced Winging and many more. Questions answered in his many interviews cover from how to avoid falling in to the friend zone, how routines relate to natural game, what makes a good wingman and how and where to find one, and why women like the bad boy persona.

Savoy has been featured in the media by many reputable names. These include ABC Nightline, the Tyra Banks show, Dr.Phil, The Boston Globe,, Girls Gone Wild, The New York Times, FHM, The Las Vegas Weekly, Men’s Fitness, Esquire, the New York Post, Radar, Maxim, DXL, and Playboy.