Wild Adventuring PUA style: Malmo/Copenhagen

Hey fellas,

I've just moved to Lund, Sweden from California recently and loving it so far The people here are super friendly! And the women...Are stunningly gorgeous!!! I am looking to gather as many fun, positive, and adventurous guys as possible to...among other things...go out at night and during the day to practice our art of picking up girls (making friends too of course). I personally focus on having a good time and then when the moment strikes to then...CREATE...that new relationship...With a hottie of course. Hit me back asap, I've been going through my 30 day PUA Challenge and I'm now working through day 10-14 ish. My interests are wildly varied, ranging from outdoor adventures, comedy, improv, new cuisines, basically a smattering of everything, and I absolutely thrive on adrenaline. Oh yeah, if you have a nerdy background, I understand, I still am, I am a scientist at Lund. I would say that my biggest strength is that I am pretty fearless in approaching and..when I am "in state", I have a lot of energy!! BTW, in case it matters, I am 30, I look about 25, and I am playful like a 17 year old, so I can get along with pretty much anybody....

Let's make some crazy adventures together and with some new women!!!