Fader's Strippers & Hired Guns Workshop - Las Vegas, December 2013

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    Fader's Strippers & Hired Guns Workshop - Las Vegas, December 2013

    Bottom line: Only a few people will get to take this invaluable seminar before it's gone, or changed. If you are one of those lucky few, you made a great decision for your game and self esteem.
    Result: night 1: 1 stripper number. Night 2: 2 stripper numbers and 1 waitress number
    Fader has been such a huge influence on students of Love Systems, and in this element, his element, he shines. This seminar is everything advertised, and extremely helpful to your game in general. Watching him work in the club is like watching a master. I was shocked at its effectiveness and you have to see it live in action. Not only was I shocked at his mastery, I was hugely impressed, and relieved, about how it worked for me.
    In night one, at Sapphires, I was able to correct things in field based in Fader's guidance that led to saving my primary target set and getting her number. In night two, at Spearmint Rhino, it was a much more comprehensive understanding, and just applying some of the theory worked. It short circuited their programming and the effects were interesting, in two girls causing massive attraction. Spearmint Rhino had the top talent I've seen anywhere, including Sapphires, and Fader noted that that's why we do it in night two - it's the Super Bowl of strip club talent, and very tough to game in. I felt very prepared for such an environment. In night two, a stripper said she saw me at Sapphires the night before but didn't approach because the girl I was with (number close) looked so in to me. Several of the girls noted that we were dangerous. One girl (number close) was exasperated and kept saying "I'm not making any money here, but I keep hanging out with you guys." Fader said, "he doesn't need money to get girls", she replied, "I know I can tell he doesn't. I need guys that need money to get girls, who should I target? (asking for my advice)" Thank You Fader. A super benefit of S&HG is that guest star appearances happen, and in night two we got to meet and hang out with Starlight. If you know who he is you know this is a great opportunity to meet a great person who knows Love Systems and is also someone who can help your life become super successful. I was honored to hang out with him and game together
    The seminar is so jam packed you must bring a computer, and you will be typing constantly for hours. In typical Fader fashion, we went longer, and he talked, fast, the entire time. It's a lot to digest. I had a highlight sheet and was copying lines onto it that I could use in field that night, then I emailed the highlights to myself to have in field. This was big in applying it immediately. The specific highlights were the things that resulted in my success.
    Fader also helped us with normal Love Systems concepts and gave us a ton of reading material. Don't miss his seven "must read" books - I can't wait to get in to them. We were discussing sexualization and a few other elements of game that came out of Super Conference, and he helped break them down for us. It was awesome not only that Fader is the master of strip clubs, but he is an amazing instructor in general that has helped so many Love Systems students (50 marriages to his credit ). I get a lot from every interaction I've had from Love Systems instructors because it's not only game help, but life and self-actualization help. Fader is really a student of the path of success and the psychology involved. I feel energized for my work as well as game.
    A key element is that if you apply game as directed in general, you will fail. Two of the Love Systems Triad legs, when applied in their normal fashion, will cause you to fail. You have to follow specific things Fader says, and also tweak the third leg in accordance with S&HG psychology. The good thing is that if you follow these rules, it is relatively simple, and it works.
    Some things he stresses you need to practice, and it will take some time and practice. Your stories / attraction / routines and qualification game comes to the forefront here. This is versus regular game where having lots and lots of material is less emphasized these days. If you run out of things to say, it can go downhill, making them take control (they will), and sending them back into stripper / customer mode. The good news here is two things: it really helps you practice your game for other venues with beautiful women, and it helps you with approach anxiety. You are interacting with the most beautiful women which makes normal interactions easier.
    I stayed another day and had back and forth texts with the gals but couldn't close. I was starting to get back to my normal-ish schedule and they were set to go out late until til 7 AM or whenever. The waitress was down for a phone chat, but turned out to live 45 minutes away and thought I was a local she wanted to date for real (just got out of a long distance-based marriage). A let down but also an ego boost. Hopefully the logistics and meetup management will improve with practice.
    Based on this seminar I will definitely go to strip clubs and practice game. Knowing Fader's strategies gives me a lot of comfort in these foreign battlefields. It will help me a lot with regular interactions with both men and women (story telling practice), and it has the added benefit of actually closing strippers! As well, it gives you a lot of self esteem. You succeed gaming the hottest women in the world - that's a huge lift. I really appreciate Fader's efforts. Well done!

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    Fader Strippers & Hired Guns - Las Vegas, December 2013

    I can’t go back to yesterday, because I was a different person then. - Alice

    The following is my review of Fader’s ‘Strippers & Hired Guns Workshop’. For anyone who is also interested in taking Fader’s bootcamp, please see my previous review located here: http://www.theattractionforums.com/l...il-2013-a.html

    I. Introduction
    II. Workshop Structure
    III. Concluding Thoughts

    I. Introduction

    This weekend was an elucidating one. It made me realize how work done infield will always trump all the theory in the world. Building up a database of reference experiences is definitely key to succeed in all styles and forms of game. As such, with unnecessary fat trimmed out, all tactics and theory field tested over the course of time, everything present and taught within the course was pulled directly from Fader’s personal experiences.

    Much like Fader’s bootcamp, this workshop was knowledge overload. To give an idea of how much information was taken in, my original bootcamp notes were approximately 7,438 words or around 23 pages. This workshop, while only being two days of seminar, the amount of notes transcribed came out to be around the same amount as above. With that being said, here’s a breakdown of the program:

    II. Workshop Structure

    The workshop was broken down into two days of seminar alongside their corresponding infield portion. Allotted seminar portion for both days was 5 hours on each day w/ an infield portion of 4 hours each, but Fader graciously extended the seminar portion of each day by 1-2 hours on each day, and conducted infield went way past the allotted 4 hours which ended up being around 5 - 6+ hours a night.

    Seminar (Day 1): A myriad of topics was cover on the first day, dealing with female psychology, inner game, strip club dynamics, hired gun vs. stripper psychology, advanced and other relevant misc. tactics.

    Why Learn Stripper Game? :: The seminar began with an introduction on how the course was put together and discovered. Fader reviewed 10+ reasons on how learning exotic dancer game can be a great benefit to one’s current skill level some of which include:

    • This style of game quickly attenuates one to get comfortable w/ beautiful women while at the same time eliminates some of the root causes of approach anxiety.
    • Takes and tests your conversation, teasing, qualification, frame control, and all other skillsets applied in the field to the breaking point.
    • As an additional side effect of the above, it bolsters and strengthens your attraction game. When it comes down to it, you’re playing w/ the dancer’s opportunity cost of making money, thus to be successful, controlling their reality and the pace of the interaction becomes essential.
    • Easiest way to get girls who are sexual and or bi-sexual

    Inner Game :: This portion of the course was spent on the proper mindsets needed succeed at this style of game. A thorough discussion took place on the essential need and importance of being ‘process’ vs. ‘outcome’ orientated. Dancers are masters of reading people; crack in voice, false statements, conflicting body language are immediately picked up.. hence why it is essential to have solid self-esteem, beliefs, and inner game.

    Female Psychology :: This portion of the seminar took an in-depth look behind the psychology of females, specifically females who are deemed physically attractive. Topics that were covered pertaining to ‘hot girl’ psychology included:

    • Hot Girl Abuse Theory.
    • Psychology of growing female teenager and why girls who specifically get positive reinforcement for the way they look become the way they are.
    • Top 5 reasons why women have sex, which turned out to be pretty mind blowing because it was definitely not what I expected.

    Hired Gun vs. Dancer Psychology :: As the above discussion came to an end, we spent an extensive amount of time specifically on the psychology of hired guns and dancers. This portion of the seminar was invaluable due to the fact much of the dynamics discussed here can only be attained through reference experiences infield. Luckily Fader poured on the knowledge from his personal experiences; these include:

    • Top 4+ reasons behind why hired guns do the work they do.
    • Complete breakdown of the belief systems of a dancer, the work they do, and extrapolation of the many variables they encounter throughout their lives that lead them to this kind of work.
    • Major difference between regular girls and dancers; 6 categories or ‘boxes’ regular girls will put you in vs. the unique 2+ very specific categories dancers will typecast you in while you game them.
    • The importance of why and how being a dancer at a strip club is a lot like being in jail.
    • How to crash stripper programming by feeding them bad data.

    Dancer Blueprints & Strip Club Dynamics :: Categories of dancers, different strategies pertaining to each blueprint of dancer and their associated pros/cons was discussed in great detail. One of the many analogies I took away with me during this workshop was that entering a strip club is basically like entering a warzone. As such, a lot of time was spent drilling us on how the strip clubs are set up and their general intricacies to help bring success during time spent in there. List of topics that were covered include:

    • Strip club dynamics and layout in addition to 6+ categories and classifications of club types.
    • How to identify the different rules and pitfalls to every strip club, alongside pivotal list of items that one must map out.
    • Brief introduction and outline of an attraction model for strippers
    • Stage rotations and pitfalls of the VIP area.
    • Fader’s personal algorithm he uses to calculate at any given time whether the club favors the dancer, or the player.
    • Special attention to a list of all strip clubs personnel & cast of characters (over 15+) was discussed in great detail with strategies for winning each class of character over. Some of these include the ‘Den’ mother, DJ, general manager, bouncers, long term waitresses, cracked out meth heads etc. etc.

    Scams :: Strip clubs are NOT your friend homie” – Fader. Oh so many ways to get duped. Luckily Fader was there to come to the rescue and had a comprehensive list of what to watch out for to keep oneself from getting swindled. Over 10+ scams were covered some of include:

    • The horror that are ATM machines.
    • Faux alcoholic beverages being served and the manipulation of drink prices.
    • Cover charges and associated fees club personal try to upsell.
    • Dancers being bold faced liars and lying about the cost of dances.

    Advanced & Misc. Protocol(s) :: Both hired gun and stripper game have unique characteristics that differ from gaming regular girls. Fader spent a sizable portion reviewing all of the tweaks and intricacies one needs to make to adjust to the strip club environment. Over 50+ bullet points explaining these said nuances were taken down by me, some of which include:

    • Answers to the most common questions dancers ask you when they are trying to game you and how to stay off of her routines.
    • How to adjust body language and eye contact initiate approach invitations.
    • Specific times within a 24 hour period and the associated level of difficulty of picking dancers up during those time periods.
    • Numerous strategies of shutting down their ‘stripper’ personality.
    • The dangers of leaving silences in conversation, and the detriments of doing so.
    • How to restructure DHV stories when interacting with dancers to make them more subtle due to the fact that dancers are exponentially more adept at picking up subtext than normal girls.
    • Why talking about the club is a huge detriment for beginners.
    • Why going to club of the dancer you’re dating is a horrible idea.

    Infield (Day 1): First night of infield was ‘officially’ from 12 AM to 4 AM and took place at Sapphire’s. Of course in normal Fader fashion, it went on till’ around 6 AM. This was my first time in a strip club, and it was an experience. Upon arriving, Fader led us around and situated our opening sets in one of the prime high traffic locations. Fader went right to work, got warmed up, and started making initial corrections for the students in set. After being utterly lame the first 5 minutes, a quick course correction and scolding by Fader set me straight; 3 minutes later I successfully hooked an older dancer from the Czech Republic, and held that interaction for nearly an hour. Throughout the rest of the night I rotated from watching Fader and the other students run their game, Fader correcting the students’ game, and went around the venue myself to experiment with a chunk of the concepts I learned during seminar. I got to experience every type or blueprint of dancer Fader outlined during class, including a ‘lifer’ who smacked me across the face with her weird ass purse for wasting 10 minutes of her time.

    In the book “Incognito”, a large portion of the introductory chapter talks about tennis players and how these said players respond to shots on the court that are well over 100 mph. Through thousands of past reference experiences and ingrained muscle memory, their brain have the ability subconsciously and instantaneously calculate where the ball will land even though the ball is travelling almost faster than the eyes can see. The above is the case for Fader when it comes to watching him game dancers. His able to see into the (social) ‘matrix’ is astounding, and his interaction with dancers and ability to control their reality is smooth like jazz or 25 year old scotch. One of the definite highlights of the night was standing next to him and watch while he shut down two dancers by berating them for over 10 minutes (indirectly framed the blond as prostitute when she wouldn’t leave). In the middle of their retort, the best part was him walking away, and them watching him walk away while being greeted and hugged by another dancer he knew 10 seconds later. The expressions on their faces were priceless… as the look of hatred, turned into confusion, then jealousy, and finally good old attraction as their brain proceeded to short circuit. All in all, an excellent and fun night.

    Debrief (Day 2):The second day of seminar began with a debrief of the night before. Fader spent around an hour and a half for all of the students going over questions, pros, cons, strategies, and areas for improvement. Major sets were talked about, and his observations and insights were attached on what could be done to improve. The following is a sample of notes taken during the debrief:

    Weaknesses :: Problems that I exhibited throughout the night:

    • My sub-communications were off beginning of the night; my facial expressions at times were too soft.
    • Oftentimes would let the conversation lull, which sent the dancers back into ‘stripper’ mode.
    • Did not move interactions forward, go for a number even though there were many windows of opportunity to escalate which the signs and signals I did not see especially on sets that went 30 – 40+ minutes or more.
    • Not nearly enough push-pull or breakage of rapport; no emotional impact behind things I was saying.

    Strengths :: Things I did well throughout the night:

    • Jotted down notes on my phone after the end of every single interaction like an OCD person; recorded the length of time I spent with each, conversational topics, what I thought I did wrong or correctly.
    • Good use of eye contact and open body language to create approach invitations from different parts of the venue to being the dancers over.
    • Ran seated sets much more efficiently and better than standing ones near the bar.
    • Was very somehow adept at opening the dancers up to the point where they would reveal their real names, talk about their past, family history, aspirations of what they would do once they or if they quit dancing, and other personal stories about themselves.

    Seminar (Day 2): The second day of seminar covered all of the outer game tactics needed to be successful at picking up hired guns and dancers. A full breakdown of attraction and information on hired guns was discussed.

    What makes students successful? :: Fader spent the beginning of the seminar after debrief talking about this topic. While He went back to all of his students he taught that were extremely successful in regular game and life, and boiled down a roadmap future students could use to achieve success. Items discussed within this roadmap include:

    • Importance of forging an identity and planning out what you want the girl to know about yourself that defines you as a person to paint said identity.
    • Having a specific plan that gets implemented on a daily basis.
    • Why it is essential to do at least 50 random approaches a week to get good at pick up.
    • Getting wings or finding peers who are as good as or better than you.
    • Tracking results, visualization, testing ideas that seem impossible in field, and small chunking.
    • How to not fall into the ‘victim mentality’, and much more.

    Attraction :: Majority of day two was spent on attraction since having an extremely solid attraction game, while being able to deliver it in an ‘high octane’ fashion is an essential skillset that is required to be successful at picking up dancers and hired guns. The amount of material covered was rather massive, and breaking down each section would take up at least 3+ pages, thus here is a simple outline of what was covered:

    • Teasing – This topic was covered in great detail. Four major mistakes in how people tease was explained alongside 8+ special categories teases were covered including old school NEG’s that specifically modified for dancers. Examples were given for each class, and suggestions were given on how to develop your own material was given.
    • Cold Reads – One of the requirements of being good at ‘stripper’ game is the ability to flawlessly integrate cold reads into conversation. Fader went over various ways on how to set them up, and discussed different vehicles of delivery for each type of cold read.
    • Push Pull, Hot Cold – Having an emotional pull and effect on dancers (and very attractive women in general) is another major requirement to successfully picking them up. This module was spent on all things dealing with breaking / creating rapport and further managing a dancer’s emotional state. In addition, the frequency, proper structure, timing / delivery, and different methods of injecting this skillset into the interaction was discussed.
    • Story Telling – This was one of the most comprehensive modules on story telling I have encountered. By the end of it, I was pretty sure I had the tools to write out a film script Alfred Hitchcock style. Much time was spent on concepts such as proper integration and ratio of DHV spikes / open loops, extensive character development and themes, storytelling differences when employing different styles of game (‘stripper’ vs. regular vs. SNL etc.), and how best to ground your stories to make them relatable to the girl.
    • Sexual Tension – Somehow (most likely due to my penchant for asking random questions at random times), the topic of lecture was steered toward ‘sexual tension’ and its relevance in ‘stripper’ game. Fader briefly discussed female sexual theory / history and went over 14 different ways to create sexual tension in alongside a 3 tier structure on how to compliment properly.
    • Attraction Switches – We are the product of all of the combined experiences we have picked up throughout our lives. Each woman has her own blueprint on what she finds attractive in man. As such, Fader discussed all of the attraction switches dancers gravitated towards in depth. Over 10+ different categories of switches were discussed which from Fader’s personal experiences were highly efficient and effective at hooking the dancer type blueprint.

    Advanced Tactics :: For the final leg of the seminar, Fader went over advanced tactics that he had accumulated throughout the years to help extract a dancer out of the club environment much easier. Topics of discussion included:

    • Full breakdown on how to seed for the pull, how to pull, and the best possible times for initiating a pull.
    • Topics of conversation to avoid once you’re out of the club with a dancer to avoid shooting yourself in the foot.
    • The practicality and usefulness of throwing other dancers under the bus to create drama.
    • Examples of ‘super’ NEGs one can use to make dancers cry if used correctly.
    • How to manage dancers who are crying, shut down the crying, and using last resort hugs to mitigate them from wrecking the area.
    • The proper time to deploy ‘anti throw out’ game alongside numerous tactics and strategies that can be used on the bouncers to keep oneself from getting thrown out for making dancers cry.
    • Most efficient time during the interaction to ‘get’ the dancer’s number.

    Hired Gun Game :: For the last portion of the seminar, Fader outlined and gave a brief primer on strategies associated with ‘hired gun’ game which included tips and tricks for taking down bartenders, waitresses, and hooters girls. Topics of discussion included:

    • How to prepare for and mitigate other bartenders who try to ‘cock block’ you.
    • Social Circle vs. Hired Gun vs. Feeding Frenzy vs. Cold Approach (w/ caveats) styles of gaming, their differences, and when to use each style of game.
    • Discussion of real vs. fake IOI’s for waitresses and bartenders.
    • Methods to quickly spike pre-selection in bartenders you’re trying to take down.
    • Specific routines effective in gaming Hooter’s girls.
    • How to introduce sexuality when interacting with hired guns or Hooters girls.

    Infield (Day 2): Second night of infield took place at Spearmint Rhino’s. I generally have high scale when it comes to a woman’s physical appearance, and hot damn, every single girl at that place was gorgeous in addition to them being sharks with wicked game. Other than the women, for anyone future patrons, Rhino’s also has ridiculously good quesadillas... definitely ended up dismissing a couple of dancers in the beginning as I was too busy basking in the deliciousness that were the quesadillas. Unfortunately, I only stated about 1.5 - 2 hours of the infield and left early due to falling sick. Within that time frame, I did get the pleasure to try and work over a ridiculously sexy and very cocky Australian.

    The interaction went well over 30 minutes, a lot of banter ensued and the fervent use of the word ‘cunt’ was directed towards each other at numerous times. I’m sure I was able to bring her out of work mode, but due to my inexperience she took control of the conversation, started making fun of the other dancers, and proceeded to go on a rant on how she was the best and pretty much every single girl at the club was an amateur compared to her. Finally during the closing minutes of that set, when I refused to buy a dance, she imploded, started inquiring numerous times why I didn’t find her attractive, and then proceeded to grab my crotch while calling me gay. Luckily, at that point I was delirious with fever and just smiled back at her when she finished throwing her tantrum, which pretty much caused her to go bat shit and storm off in a fury. The entire spectacle was hilarious and definitely the highlight of the night.

    III. Concluding Thoughts

    I would highly recommend anyone who wants to strengthen their game to take this workshop and start practicing ‘stripper’ game. It is fast paced, cut throat, brutal, and I absolutely loved it. During all of my interactions with dancers, it felt like I was walking on the thinnest of lines that would either leading to glory, or total annihilation. And while at my current skill level I wasn't able to do it consistently, at times it was blew my mind that I was somehow able entrap the dancers reality and full attention solely through the use of words once her ‘stripper’ personality was turned off.

    During this weekend, I fortunately came to the realization that my skills for normal cold approach needed massive amounts of improvement. This workshop is ‘advanced’ for a reason, and to get exponential and instant improvement, I really think you need to have the fundamental skills such as teasing, qualification, storytelling, etc. down pat. I had no-where near the needed amount of reference experience, and missed many opportunities and windows of escalation (especially in two interactions where the dancers were practically telling me to take their number for later). Definitely felt like I was looking through frosted glass in many of my interactions.

    In summary, the best of part of the workshop was getting blown out and just experiencing dancers run game on me. Especially at Rhino’s, where I got to experience what it was like to get conversationally dominated, re-framed constantly, and got to examine the dancer’s efficient and flawless use of physicality and sexuality to try to coax me out of twenties. All in all, a great weekend where I learned a lot not only from Fader, but the other students as well (what up Pentagon and J!). I know for sure Fader will only be teaching this workshop a maximum of 2 more times this year, and space will be limited, thus for all those interested, I would definitely grab the opportunity before the the flame flickers away forevermore.
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    I cant believe this was 2 years ago. #rip the 2 day workshop but we had a great run while it lasted. I am not teaching that workshop anymore (I think the information is too valuable to give away) but I do teach 1 day workshops at SC & in NYC & Vegas.

    Total trip reading this 2 years later.
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