Intrigue SNL Seminar - NYC, November 2013 (w/ Fader)

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    Intrigue SNL Seminar - NYC, November 2013 (w/ Fader)

    Intrigue SNL seminar (featuring Fader)

    This seminar has tons of pure gold packed into 5 hours. It was great fun, and I can only highly recommend it, independent of your skill level. This is because it had both a good background on the Inner Game and Female Psychology for Same-Night-Lays as well as concrete practical steps.

    Intrigue shared his inspiring story with us, and it was clear to me very soon that basically anyone can become good with SNLs if he is determined and puts in the practise "in field".

    Fader was half student himself, but also contributed his advice to every topic in the seminar... especially focussing on Frame Control. He came in on his own dime to the seminar, and it was great to see how even an experienced instructor himself was willing to learn more about the SNL aspect of game, even from somebody who started with the company later. I think that speaks volumes about both instructors.

    The seminar was devided into Intrigue's Background story, Game Dynamics, Female Psychology, Inner Game, Outer Game, Logistics and Seduction. It was easy to follow. There are thousands of articles written on each of these chapters, but Intrigue has used his own experience to break the chapters down and distill out what works for an SNL, culminating in a concrete Game Plan. In other words: (1.) We got a good introduction into Inner Game and also made some exercises to turn around negative beliefs - before Intrigue gave us a collection of the most common negative beliefs and how to turn them around. (2.) We got the parts of Outer Game and the Game Plan that specifically work for SNLs and (3.) We got the background in Female Psychology that gave sense to all these Outer Game pieces.

    Honestly, I now have a very clear plan and a way to gain a good understanding of SNLs after putting "the work" in field. Funny thing is - just today I thought back at the opportunities in the past when I had sex very rapidly after meeting the girl, and all the parts that Intrigue talked about were present. I was just not aware of what I had done right in those instances, and what I had to do to repeat them.

    Whenever we had questions, both Intrigue and Fader took their time to answer them.

    I also took part in the additional infield night after the seminar. Here, Intrigue and Fader offered steady advice. They had also chosen a venue that had a steady supply of new girls, so we could go through a lot of sets. Whenever I got exhausted, Intrigue pulled me back into the middle and brought back the excitement, then I could go around and burn some more sets down. He also gave me spot on advice and was completely there for us. Of 30 sets where I could say something back, 2 hooked especially well. I realize now that I have to learn to recognize and close these green lights and everything will go from there.

    The in-field night was a great bonus because I got tailor-made advice from two master instructors (we were two students with two instructors...) specifically for my game, but the seminar alone gave me so many great steps how to improve my game, that I can only warmly recommend it. Plus Intrigue eMailed me a list with comments after the in-field that are helping me keep the momentum.

    If you take Intrigue's SNL seminar, you will end up with a clear game plan. Now all you have to do is to go out and practise.

    Does it work? Well... Intrigue developed his game plan over the last year and had around 50+ SNLs (?) in 2012; furthermore, one of the students had taken the SNL seminar less than three months before and was already successful multiple times since then. So, yes, it works.

  2. This was a great seminar, particularly for those who are a little less advanced.

    The first half of the seminar was devoted to inner game, cultivating the right mindsets when it comes to sex and how women think about sex. My own inner game is already rock solid in this regard, so I didn't take much new away from this, but for those who are struggling at all here, Intrigue hit on everything that's important. He also took time to listen to his students' individual limiting beliefs and hangups and provided feedback to help overcome them. My own inner game sticking points come during sex itself, and Intrigue was able to point me in the right direction for solving this as well.

    One of the best parts of this seminar, in my opinion, was Intrigue's 'Closing Sequence,' his step-by-step guide through Seduction to minimize state breaks and last minute resistance, from starting to kiss her through to penetration. If you know the right way to turn a woman on and do it as smoothly as possible, LMR disappears because she'll be so in the moment and wanting desperately to have sex with you that resisting is the last thing she'll want to do. Intrigue also gave some good tips on how to set your place up to blast through the tail-end of Comfort and get into Seduction.

    My biggest outer game sticking point coming into the seminar was handling logistics, going from it being on at the bar to getting her to somewhere sex can happen. My phone is littered with numbers of girls from these situations where it was on but didn't happen that night because I wasn't able to handle logistics well enough, and then the emotional momentum died and I never saw her again. I'm confident that this will begin to change after hearing how Intrigue goes about handling logistics and bouncing girls from venues. It will definitely take some practice and necessitates maintaining a rock solid frame, but I feel more comfortable with it now than I did prior to the seminar. One of the things that struck home the most is that objections to the bigger logistical moves are simply going to happen the majority of the time. Even if I realized this subconsciously beforehand, now I'm more prepared and able to handle it.

    As an added bonus, Fader showed up at the seminar (coming in on his own dime) to provide support (and actually do some learning himself). That's one of the great things about Love Systems, that the insturctors care so much about their students and try to provide that extra value. His support when the topic of framing came up was invaluable, and he actually came up with one framing tactic right on the spot that is absolutely genius. I started using it that night and have had good success with it.

    Overall, there was some overlap between what was taught and the things I already knew and was doing prior to the seminar, but there was also quite a bit of valuable insight that will help my game. And I think for the vast majority of guys/those that aren't already getting the occasional pull, that overlap is going to be quite small, making this a seminar well worth attending if you want SNLs. Even if you want a LTR, getting to sex as quickly as possible is the best way to go about it (increasing her investment is the surest way to get her to want to see you again, and sex is as high-investment a behavior as there is), so this seminar is still for you.

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    Wow cant believe this has almost been 2 years. This was an amazing seminar. Not because Intrigue has some of the best SNL game I have ever seen in my life but because in this seminar we had 1) a student who went on to become an instructor, 2) a student who is still in my life to this very day (actually texted me yesterday), 3) I met a student who became a super close friend that i text almost everyday. It's amazing how life changing some of these seminars can be. And to this day I STILL can't predict who will write a review or who will stay in my life (I guess that makes me a shitty judge of character). Pretty psyched to move to Vegas with Joe and learn SNL game from him. 3 weeks!

    Not sure if he is teaching these anymore but if he does take it cause you wont find the info or his game anywhere else (that's my shitty marketing pitch for a workshop that doenst even exist anymore).

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