Fader Bootcamp Review - Houston, Nov 2013

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    Fader Bootcamp Review - Houston, Nov 2013

    Wow what a rush! Can't believe I just finished my second Bootcamp (Houston, Nov. 2013) this time with master instructor Fader. Fader's quick thinking and the way all things fit together from his mind to the class makes his workshop more advanced in the sense that most students just try to focus on fixing one thing (e.g. how to touch in the beginning) and hoping it would dramatically improve their game, while Fader tries to change the students from the inside out by making the students understand and accept the harsh reality of female psychology (e.g. trading vagina for resources), then offering resources on how guys can get around it by developing strong inner game (which is really the root of my problems because my wrong inner thoughts are flowing out even though my outer game (say body language) may be right, and girls are picking up on that.

    Besides all the theory, Fader keeps the class small and really takes care of his students in infield training (e.g. when I tried to escape from approaching at one instance on my second infield night, Fader's eyes were watching and caught up with me to let me know that there's no escape, while he was watching out for 3 other clients. |He also understands the pressure students go through in infield, and coaches them on the spot and explains why they must take this opportunity to learn, and makes the students feel at easy that they can go back in without worry. |Even though he can do demonstrations very easily (and even pulled a SNL for his wing!) Fader is more interested in making sure his students are ok throughout the infield time, and does solid demonstrations at the end after the bar closes when most people think the opportunities are over.

    In this workshop we also had instructor Intrigue joining us (during the first day and half) and Intrigue added so much to the workshop! Not only is he himself a proven, successful total transformation example (expert in SNL!) that inspires hope (Fader too, though totally different story!) he also made sure students had fun going through this process and are at ease by giving frank and positive constructive feedback.

    The coolest part of Fader's teaching is that it is super comprehensive. |He is not just teaching from LS's syllabus but also has accumulated a ton of his personal experiences and is very aware of other branches' notions out there. |For example when students bring up questions related to RSD, NLP, and Mystery's Method, Fader knows the strengths and weaknesses of these other materials and cautions the class on what to be careful about these other notions. |He has also read a ton of books and recommended lists of books related to many topics. |It is really cool have an instructor like Fader who not only has learned the game but also is constantly being in touch with the real world and absorbing new information and inspires students to make the determination to change themselves from the inside out.
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  2. Fader bootcamp - Houston, November 2013

    First off, this was one of the greatest weekends I've ever had! I'm really happy that we had Fader as our instructor. We were also treated to an extra bonus of having Intrigue for the first day and a half of the bootcamp as well. It was very helpful to have two master instructors at our disposal. When in field, they both demonstrated many approaches on top of answering questions & doing live critiques about ours. Intrigue even ended up going home with a girl he & Fader met outside a few minutes after the venue had closed.

    The self education Fader's done for himself in regards to psychology and other subjects outside of pickup, really enhanced the material, as well as the way he presented it to us. He is very intelligent, well read, and knowledegable about all the concepts he went over. He also gave us a huge list of books to read outside on our own.

    I expected to come in, have a few hours of lecture, then just practice drills until the in field workshop. That is not the style Fader uses. We didn't do drills at all in the seminar. This allowed him to go over the concepts & theories with total completeness and plenty of examples for each topic. I feel this approach enabled me to absorb the teachings better, then go out to the field and immediately start trying to mold them to my style & personality. It ultimately made my progress feel more organic this way.

    The part that resonated with me the most was when we went over shifting your Identity. Both Fader & Intrigue gave very candid details about what their lives were like before learning pickup, and how they went about changing the way they think of themselves. I still need to work on this, but this weekend went a long way in showing me that it's possible, since the very people we learned from were once in a similar head space.

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    As the old proverbial saying goes “give a man a fish he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and eventually that fish is fucked”. I might not have that one down verbatim, but I definitely learned to fish last weekend.

    I decided to take a boot camp because I was looking to improve certain aspects of my dating and social life. The boot camp was definitely the turning point I needed in my game. And I feel especially grateful that Fader was our instructor. This dude is the real deal. He exceeded my expectations. I would best describe Fader as honest, genuine, and engaging. He never hesitated to address any of our questions. He fielded any question I threw at him, and encouraged us to ask more. He gives you one on one attention and doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile. He even extended a few of our boot camps and had Intrigue there with us half the time.
    Fader was also great in field. He picked an awesome venue, where there were loads of fine single women. He showed me ways to improve my approaches and gave spot-on advice for the future sets. Not to mention he was an awesome wing. Watching him inset is PRICELESS.

    After this boot camp I have new and pragmatic insights on my inner game. This boot camp gave me a detailed road map that we can always refer to. More importantly Fader gave me a SOLID game plan for what to do POST boot camp. Just this weekend I went out with a friend and early in the night he noticed that I seemed more confident. Later that night when I approached I saw real progress!

    I’m very thankful for my experience and would absolutely recommend it for anyone who is looking to improve their game.

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    I see here another review I forgot to respond to. Diligent motherfucka I am. This was another great workshop. I love Houston. I am still in touch with all 3 students. I love when students cross over from students to actual friends. I am limiting the bootcamps I do now to only places I can get to by busses from NYC except for places where I have really close friends. H-Town is one of those places so the next one is on the schedule for October.

    See you at treasures!!
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