Great vibe, great connection, great making out, still didn't get her number :-(

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  1. Great vibe, great connection, great making out, still didn't get her number :-(

    Hi guys, please help me improve my game by telling me what I might have done wrong and what I can do better next time:

    In a club, I started talking to a HB8. We had deep going interesting conversation and she was impressed how much I knew of pyschology. She couldnít believe I am an IT guy and thought Iím more or a psychologist or something. Talked a lot about her private life; she was crying at one time on a particular topic. She really opened herself up to me. Kino escalation went great. Much eye contact. I watched my body language and other non-verbal communication. We started kissing (after a couple of hours of talking, I didnít rush her into anything.) Made out a long time. Continued the conversation. I had her in an excellent mood; much comfort. After being with her for about 6 hours, and still having her in a great mood, I needed to leave at 8am. I asked her number but she circumvented around the request and asked for my business card and said she would text me. I insisted one more time for her number but didnít get it. Had a great goodbye kiss. Of course she never texted meÖ

    What might I have done wrong and how should I get the number next time?

  2. 159 views but not a single hint to improve my game?? :'-(

  3. You should have pulled man!! said you had something in your car and pulled in your car or asked her if she wanted to go get food then say i have to stop by my place real quick for some extra cash then lit some candles and put on a movie of course this helps if she is a little drunk. Fuck numbers if you have sex with her she will ask for yours

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    There can be two scenario:
    1. she didn't give you her number as she was expecting you to take her home , at the end you become really close and you spent 6 hours together that's good enough to pull a F-close. Its very big turn off for some girls when they expect a guy to pull a trigger and he doesn't especially if all the signals were there
    2. second the more unlikely case is she got kind of scared that you become so close so quick so she decided to pull out of it

    So the advice is if the clues are there you must pull the trigger!!!

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