David Vox lived the first twenty years of his life similar to other guys who find out about the scene -- very inexperienced with women and ending in emotional turmoil for him. He had only been with two girls, both which had been Long Term Relationships, and when they ended he felt like he was one of the guys destined to be unlucky with women. Luckily for him, the idea of what was possible to him was completely changed when he stumbled on to the Love Systems website while browsing the web on how to meet women one day.

Vox had some interests before hand -- poker, business, and travel -- which combined with the skills and techniques he learned from Love Systems, allows him to build the lifestyle he wants to live: meet, attract, and date beautiful women, be his own boss, and travel to wherever he wants. Vox is a master of lifestyle design, which are all apparent in Building a Lifestyle Part 1 and Part 2.

Love Systems took Vox’s life to the next level and gave him the skills necessary to build up his social circle and become successful with beautiful women. Vox’s journey was full of bumps along the road, but he persevered to become the man that he is today. Never giving up, he now reaps the rewards from that hard work.

Vox is able to tailor to each student that he works with to specifically target things that they need to work on and that will bring them to their next level. His versatility ranges from Sexualization, Role Plays, Dominance, and How To Learn Game Efficiently. His teaching style is based around the individual student. David Vox helps each student with their first approaches, first dates, all the way to building lifestyles that attract women. He loves teaching students and seeing them overcome their sticking points and start on the path to enjoying success with women that they deserve.

David Vox gives dating advice live on his Twitter, through his Facebook profile, and regularly through his blog. Vox appears on two Interview Series which can be specifically be tailored to younger, ranging from college guys all the way to older men. In the first one, Introduction to Fashion, Vox and senior instructor, Mr.M, go over why fashion is important, how men can improve their own fashion, the do’s and don’t of fashion, and good places to shop for clothes and accessories. In his second Interview Series, Introduction to College Game, Vox, Nick Hoss, and Vici go over the elements of college game and answer questions such as how college game differs from night game, will running day game on campus earn you a bad reputation, how to pick up that girl in your class, and how you game when you’re in a fraternity.